George Lichter. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo.
George Lichter. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo.

George Lichter. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo.



Lichter born in Brooklyn (United States). In Europe during the war he flew as part of 361 FG (374th Fighter Squadron). Officially knocked 2 German aircraftEven allegedly knocked 3 and 1 injured.

George Lichter. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 1


After the war, he could not find themselves in civilian life. Sold in China all sorts of things. Returning home, he stopped in Hawaii, where George We offered a summer job: For some time he flew to the continent at the C-47. Then everyone rushed, opened in New York textile business. He was one of his clients, an American Jew, he offered to go to Israel lighter.

George turned to several Jewish Agency, where he was refused, explaining that it does not recruit mercenaries (US law is punishable). However, soon he got a call in one of the hotels offered an appointment.

Lichter Himself totally pessimistic attitude toward the new Jewish state and believed that the Arabs in the past month or two throw the Jews into the sea.

George Lichter. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 2


After the end of the conversation he was handed a ticket to Geneva. They met and put him on a train en route to Zurich, and from lighter aircraft headed to Prague. In early June, it began training Ceske Budejovice.

First he checked for Arad, then began to retrain Czech instructors at S-199. After class, flyers were sent to Israel. Lighter asked to stay as had experience as an instructor.

Czechs quickly agreed, and George was preparing cadets summer. Sometimes he carried out a day before a dozen missions. It was quite a feat, as the Czechoslovak copy of "Messer" was uncomfortable in piloting and claimed the lives of several dozen Israeli and Czech pilots.

The composition of 101-Squadron Israel gets lighter in the middle of August. However, combat sorties he did not have to fly. In Czechoslovakia, it was bought by "Spitfires" and the people needed for the distillation of aircraft to Israel and pilot training.

Lighter returned to Prague in February 1949 city and there married a girl with whom he met earlier. Together, they flew to the United States, there have sold a business owned by George. And the summer went to Israel.

Lichter served in the Air Force, then there was a test pilot, then headed by the Summer School. George did not like much discipline, and after the war, the authorities start "tighten the screws" and he and his wife in the early 1951 he returned to the United States.


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