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European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) was founded in 1955 and currently includes a broad group of all European organizations active in the field of civil aviation.

The global objective of the ECAC - promotion of research aimed at ensuring the safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system. To achieve this goal ECAC harmonize policies and practices in the activities of the GA of States Parties and contributes to mutual understanding on these issues among the participating States and other countries.

The established system of examination of materials in the aviation sector, a close relationship with ICAO and the Council of Europe (European Council), active cooperation with the institutions of the European Communities (European Communities), a special relationship with EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation) and the European Agency for Aviation Safety (European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA), which takes the functions of the Joint Aviation Authorities (Joint Aviation Authorities - JAA), and interaction with a wide range of organizations representing all parts of the air transport industry, including the interests of consumers, allowing ECAC be a forum for discussion on all the main aspects of the GA.

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