Crew (2015)
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Crew (2015).

Crew (2015).

  • Country Russia.
  • Directed by Nikolai Lebedev.
  • Actors: Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Chest


Dynamic disaster film draws the viewer into the story too literally from the first seconds of viewing.



The heroic story of a brave pilot who driving airliner, decides to make an emergency landing on an island in the Indian Ocean. Landing aircraft is not linked to technical problems encountered on board - the pilot wants to save the inhabitants of the island who, without his help just doomed to destruction by an earthquake.



The chances of saving the pilot is extremely small, but he's ready to do it, if only because he and his plane is the only hope for dozens of people, and is a chance for salvation is, a military pilot Alex is ready to use it, at whatever cost, even at the cost of his own life.


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