The Israeli Land Forces Command held a tender for the supply of a system that could carry out aerial reconnaissance in the interests of subunits (platoon and above). According to its results, the skylark mini UAV was chosen. The machine is equipped with a set of specific intelligence, which is located in the ventral container, and an electric motor. The flight is navigated through anchor points offline. The system allows landing with an accuracy of 5 m. An airbag is used. Re-use of the device is possible in less than 5 minutes. According to American data, the skylark was used by the Georgian military in 2008, in conflict with South Ossetia.

UAV consists of a complex with a manual start. It is capable of transmitting live video to ground stations. System weight 5 kg can control the terrain to 10 square km. The air can be no more than one and a half hours. The model was first introduced in the 2003 year in Paris. The skylark drones use the armies of Macedonia, Croatia, Australia, Poland, Canada and the Netherlands. In the spring of 2008, French special forces became interested in this system. 

Elbit SKYLARK. Characteristics:

Modification   Skylark
Wingspan, m   2.74
Length m   1.83
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  payload   0.9
  maximum take-off   4.55
engine's type   1 ED
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   80
Cruising speed, km / h   70
Radius of action, km   10
The flight duration, min   90


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