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Electronic air ticket.

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E-ticket, or simply put e-ticket, becomes a familiar and quite common thing. Although not fast, but at a rapid pace, the electronic ticket is being introduced into our lives. Probably, the majority of people flying around have come across this type of tickets, but perhaps the bulk of them have yet to try this type of tickets.

Trip Report. Electronic plane ticket.


How to use e-ticket?

To date, the commonplace is accountable for travel with an electronic ticket. Even 2007 year, Finance Minister, was issued a letter in which they talked about the fact that those airlines that carry out flights abroad, are obliged to issue electronic tickets only type.

It is worth noting that the letter from the Ministry of Finance referred to the fact that at the time reporting on e-ticket electronic type, you only need two things:

  1. Need receipt route.
  2. Coupons boarding (originals).

Trip Report. Electronic plane ticket.

Itinerary receipt.

Trip Report. Electronic plane ticket.

Boarding pass.


The first thing, namely, the receipt route. This receipt will be sent by e-mail (if you pay through the Internet), or the agency that sell tickets (payment in the agency).

Second, boarding passes. These coupons are issued upon registration. These tickets are available, and once you get a duplicate can not. Due to the fact that not receive duplicate may not treat the boarding pass rather cautiously and carefully. If tickets are lost, the e-ticket will not be credited.

Trip Report. Electronic plane ticket.


If you have problems with the reception of e-ticket in the accounting department, take a reference to a letter the Ministry of Finance, which should significantly solve this problem.

That should take note of any passenger, who plans to use air transport: Electronic tickets are not significant differences in the use of paper-type tickets. Observe all factors: the change of date to the return ticket.

To exchange or return ticket, all you need is an itinerary receipt, but there are times when you want to order and you can get in the agency when you pay for transportation. It is necessary to check with the airline in advance all the details, so as not to encounter any problems with any.