Empty Legs in Business Aviation
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Empty Legs in Business Aviation

Passengers, for whom air travel is a familiar thing, probably know what it is Empty legshowever, for many, this term is incomprehensible. In fact, this is part of the route that the liner is flying empty. Another name for the Empty Legs service is return flights, it assumes the opportunity to fly with a very good discount on a private board. We will tell you what Empty Legs flights mean, how they differ from a traditional private jet flight, and how to order a business jet.


What are empty legs flights?


The essence of the service is as follows - an aircraft was flown to deliver passengers or cargo. The return route for such a charter is assumed to be empty. It is for such flights that brokers select tickets with very good discounts.


Example! The business jet flew from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the passenger stayed in the Northern capital for several days, so the aircraft returns to the base empty. Such an "empty" flight is not profitable for the air carrier, but it will have to be made. To compensate for the costs of the return flight, passengers are offered transportation using the Empty legs system, tickets for such flights are 20%, or even 70% lower in comparison with classic flights.


Important! It is necessary to understand that the cost of tickets decreases not because the quality of service deteriorates or the list of services is reduced. Savings are possible thanks to the return flight system.


Thus, Empty Legs is a great way to save money on flights, as well as a great way for an airline broker to expand its customer base and attract passengers with a “hot deal”.


Empty Legs in Business Aviation


The Empty legs system is the most requested and popular service in the business aviation industry. This method will allow you to rent a business jet on the most favorable terms - with savings of up to 70%. It is noteworthy that flights are possible in any direction, respectively, the passenger can adjust the route.


Important! Return flights fly at the same frequency as regular charters, the only difference between such flights is significant cost savings.


Benefits of the Empty legs service:


  • economic benefit - up to 70%;
  • a large selection of destinations, as well as flight dates;
  • the ability to urgently change plans, change the route, sell a seat;
  • high level of service - on board business jets there is a work area, a recreation area, good food;
  • the flight request is confirmed in a matter of minutes;
  • registration takes place according to an accelerated scheme.


Empty legs - different from the classic private flight


The first and most significant difference is the price. A regular charter flight will cost one and a half, and sometimes twice as much. Now, in more detail about the other differences:


  • by contacting an aviation broker, you can be sure that it will not be difficult to rent a charter even on the most popular route;
  • for a private flight, the passenger independently chooses the date and time of departure, in the case of Empty legs there are certain time restrictions, but the airline broker will definitely resolve this issue and, if necessary, the departure time will be shifted;
  • in some cases, the renter of the aircraft transfers the flight, in which case passengers who decide to use the Empty legs service will have to postpone the flight.

Empty Legs in Business Aviation


Important! A regular or charter flight is a cramped place in the cabin, where another 200 passengers fly, depending on the schedule, forced transfers (if they are provided for by the route). Service Empty legs - this is an opportunity to fly in a comfortable business jet, elite service.


The main differences of the service Empty legs:


  • the ability to choose a flight to a variety of destinations;
  • the flight is guaranteed to take place;
  • the opportunity to use the services of business aviation;
  • there is no need to waste time in the boarding line.


How does Empty Legs airplane rental work?


Current offers are always publicly available on the aviation broker's website. The client can contact the manager at any time and receive comprehensive information about flights and ticket prices. In addition, the manager controls the stages of organizing the flight.


If you manage to find fellow travelers, the price of tickets will decrease several times. Many customers are surprised by the fact that airlines offer such low prices for Empty legs flights, it happens in such situations:


  • the client paid for the flight only one way, respectively, the aircraft returns back empty;
  • the plane flies to the airport of another country where the customer is located.


Accordingly, part of the cost is paid by the customer, and the remaining amount is the price of the Empty legs service. Such a scheme is in demand among clients who often use business jets.

Empty Legs in Business Aviation


How much is Empty legs - what is the price of


As a rule, discounts for the Empty legs flight range from 30% -75%. In some cases, you can find offers with discounts up to 80%. The final price is determined by different criteria:


  • direction of flight;
  • aircraft class;
  • broker services.


Comparison of Empty legs and Jet Sharing, differences


Jet Sharing service is a business jet flight with the option of renting a specific seat. Since the flight assumes the presence of fellow travelers, discounts on tickets reach 90%. The flight is possible only when a certain group is recruited, which is necessary to fill the charter cabin.

You can rent any number of seats in the cabin, it is convenient for family or company flights.


Is it possible to order the Empty legs flight in two directions


If the client is looking for a Jet Sharing flight on his own, the probability of finding an offer is extremely low. This is why it makes sense to turn to an airline broker who will find the best Jet Sharing flights, including two-way destinations.


Is it possible to specify a specific date and time of the Empty legs of the flight


The return departure time is determined taking into account the initial departure from the point of departure. Accordingly, Empty legs flights are in most cases scheduled for a specific date and approximate time. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the client who leased the aircraft first sets his own rules, which means that the return flight may be changed.

The flight time can be selected if the next flight falls in the afternoon. Thus, the Empty legs flight can be scheduled for the first half of the same day, as well as the night before. There are situations when the main client changes the flight time at the last moment, respectively, the Empty legs time also changes. Canceling the main flight automatically means canceling Empty legs.


Important! Flights Empty legs - a great option for those who are flexible enough and have time.


How to search for Empty legs, is there a schedule?


The easiest and safest way to find an Empty Legs flight is to contact a specialized company. We provide professional services in the field of business aviation, we update the Empty Legs flight list every day. The list of our services covers different directions - private aviation, business flights, medical flights. Each aircraft is equipped for the most comfortable flights, urgent flights are possible within 4 hours.

To order a business jet, just contact the company's manager, you can first familiarize yourself with the available offers on the website. Here are the airports where the ready-to-fly aircraft are based, route directions, and the date and time of departure.


Cooperation with our company is as follows:


  • the client leaves an application in any way convenient for him - phone, website, social networks;
  • the air broker contacts the client and clarifies the wishes regarding the flight;
  • a flight organization specialist prepares the necessary documents, organizes a flight;
  • the air broker controls every key point of the flight - arrival at the terminal, check-in for the flight, boarding the flight, arrival.


Thus, the aviation broker will select the best flight option for each client, advise how best to save on the flight, and answer related questions.