Engels long-range aviation
Engels long-range aviation

Engels long-range aviation


September 6 2000 opened a museum of aircraft in Russia. It is located in the Saratov region, on the basis of Engels. Long-range aviation is the basis of the open-air exposition. 

His cherished parking here last found:

  • huge passenger jet IL-62developed in the USSR for intercontinental flights; 

  • the world's largest tanker aircraft ZMS-2; 

  • An-2, in which the first astronauts trained in parachuting; 

  • and the ill-fated Tu-22, received a lot of nicknames for his accident ("Maneater", "Strategic defektonosets");

  • and Tu-134, A-29, A-39 An-24, Tu-95.


Engels long-range aviation 2

Engels long-range aviation

In addition to the legendary Soviet-made aircrafts to Engels can see are the real cruise missiles (A-55, 22NA X, X 20M, KRS-2UD) and bombs.

And the rooms of the museum a large collection of attributes of the Russian long-range aviation, Here you can see the instrument panel and other parts of the aircraft wreckage rare flying ships different aircraft armament; there is a photo exhibition.
The museum is located on a working part. Inside allowed only after permission of administration of the airport. Every year more than 5000 people pass this, in general, a simple procedure to get acquainted with the history of long-range aviation, and see firsthand the unique exhibits. Full name of the museum is: "The Museum of 22-th Guards Red Banner Donbass heavy bombing aviation division."

Excursions in advance (by phone, etc.) are not agreed upon, only upon your arrival at the place. If there are no questions, you immediately get to the territory, but sometimes the museum can be temporarily closed due to some activities at the base. 

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Only citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed on a secure object: to get inside, you must show your passport. However, when you go there, you will be met very kindly: everyone will show and tell about long-range aviation. 


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