ENIKS E2T UAV target
ENIKS E2T UAV target

ENIKS E2T UAV target

E2T - a complex of small air targets, which is an effective means of simulation of small mobile targets such as cruise missiles, UAVs and guided bombs planning in preparing troops.

The complex is located on the chassis of the two models of cars GAZ-3308. The first car has a body type KUNG. It is established ground control station, which provides control of the target, and other accessories. The second car is equipped with an awning, arcs and opening tailgate - a transport vehicle means of evacuation and search. As part of the equipment of the car lifting mechanism and a set of tools to perform the evacuation of targets.

The complex consists of: E2T aerial target ground control station and starting E2U E95P installation.

Air pinpoint target E2T production "Enix" enterprise mimics subsonic maneuvering targets such as UAVs, glide bombs and cruise missiles. Start with target provided towed ground launcher installation.

The complex includes a ground-based autonomous control station, an air target, a set of technological equipment and a launcher. The start occurs with a pneumatic towed catapult, landing is carried out on a parachute. In flight, the target is controlled from the mobile ground control station, it is possible to complete the flight forcibly by radio command or using signals from the on-board systems. Provided such flight regimes as circled points and automatic return. Composition of the payload: a smoke tracer, a false thermal target, a corner reflector, a Luneberg lens. At the present time, serial production of air target E2T.

After starting the target gains a predetermined height, flying horizontally, perform maneuvers in the horizontal and vertical planes, and lands in the software or manually. The target in flight is controlled with a mobile ground control station.

In case of an emergency termination of its flight provided by a radio signal or signals of the on-board equipment. Target E2T land at unprepared equal platform with the release of a parachute.

Purpose ground control station:

  • preflight preparation of targets for exploitation;

  • prelaunch control targets;

  • the execution start of the target;

  • target of control in flight;

  • flight training programs;

  • preparation of ground equipment for use targets.

In the course of carrying out its flight mission control target is performed by radio, coming on-board equipment of the NSO. You will see the operator's station displays information about the location of the target and telemetry information. Present manual control modes targeted - radio commands from the remote control and pre-made program that automatically pass a target programmed route.

NSO consists of:

  • power supply system ground equipment;

  • system of domestic security and livelihoods;

  • terrestrial radio equipment;

  • means of communication;

  • spare parts;

  • compressed air supply system.

The launcher is used for the control of air-launch targets, start the engine and start the air target.

The launcher consists of a pneumatic catapult, a main engine starting device and a target launch control device. 

ENIKS E2T UAV target. Characteristics:

Modification   E2T
The diameter of the rotor, m   2.40
Length m   2.10
Fuselage diameter, m   0.25
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   70
engine's type   1 VRD М135
Thrust, kgf   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   400
Cruising speed, km / h   200-400
Radius of action, km  
The flight duration, min   30
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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