ENIKS E95M UAV target
ENIKS E95M UAV target

ENIKS E95M UAV target

E95M - aerial target, simulating subsonic maneuvering targets such as UAVs, glide bombs and cruise missiles. Running target is performed with a towed ground launcher installation.

The device is made in a normal aerodynamic scheme and has a double-tailed tail unit. Equipped Pulsejet. The complex consists of an air target, an autonomous ground control station, a launcher and a set of process equipment. When the target is launched, a pneumatic catapult is used, and a parachute is used in the landing. From the ground control station, the target is controlled in flight, it is provided for the compulsory termination of the flight by radio command or signals of the onboard systems. You can use two flight modes - automatic and fly-point return. The payload is represented by a Luneberg lens, corner reflectors, a false thermal target, a smoke tracer. A serial production of this model of the UAV-target is being carried out.

After the start of the target is gaining some altitude, then flies through the horizontal line, performs the specified maneuvers in vertical and horizontal planes, landing on the program or instructions of the operator. The target is controlled in flight with a mobile ground control station.

If there is an emergency, the operator can decide on the compulsory dissolution of the target flight radio command signals or on-board systems. Planting is carried out on an unprepared target level surface.

The power plant in the form of a pulsating jet engine provides ease of use and low cost UAV target.

Purpose ground control station:

  • preflight preparation of targets for exploitation;

  • prelaunch control targets;

  • start implementation of the targets;

  • flight training programs;

  • training ground facilities use targets.

During the flight task, the radio command control of the target is made from the NSO. Telemetry data and information about the location of the target position relative to the coordinate system arrive at the operator's automated workplace with the screen. It is acceptable to use two target control modes: manual - from the automated operator's place or automatic - on a pre-programmed route. During the flight, you can switch between the two modes in both directions. In case of force majeure, for example, in the event of failure of the control radio link, the UAV-target is controlled using the onboard automation equipment. Upon completion of the flight program, the target is sent to the landing zone area, where it is planted using a parachute.

Purpose of the launcher is to conduct prelaunch control target, the engine is started and start air target.

The launcher consists of a pneumatic catapult, a main engine starting device and a target launch control device. 

ENIKS E95M UAV target. Characteristics:

Modification   E95M
The diameter of the rotor, m   2.90
Length m   2.35
Fuselage diameter, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   75
engine's type   1 VRD М135
Thrust, kgf   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   300
Cruising speed, km / h   200 – 300
Radius of action, km  
The flight duration, min   30
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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