ENIKS T10E Multipurpose UAV
ENIKS T10E Multipurpose UAV

ENIKS T10E Multipurpose UAV

 ТХNUMX "Aileron-10" - a complex of remote monitoring, which is intended:

  1. For remote aerial surveillance of different objects, including:

    • bridges, roads and separate buildings;

    • power lines, gas pipelines and oil pipelines;

    • means of transport;

    • groups of people and individuals.

  2. For air-ground environment monitoring during emergencies:

    • earthquakes, fires, floods;

    • technological accidents (emission of radionuclides, oil spills, etc.).

The system can be operated with unequipped Aerodrome equipment platforms in simple weather conditions during the day, with wind speeds up to 10 m / s and air temperature of up to + 20 -40 degrees (with humidity 98% optimum temperature for T10 "Aileron-10" is 25 degrees).

The complex operates on the basis of performance of the UAV flight according to a predetermined route. The route is programmed by entering the control points linked to a grid of geographic coordinates.

Preparation and launch drone carried out starting device and a portable ground control station. To provide 2 flight modes - manual and automatic. In the course of the route with the UAV is transmitted television images of the earth or water surface, coordination and other telemetry data on portable NSO.

The complex is composed of spare parts, which includes spare parts, tools, materials and supplies that may be needed for the current repair and maintenance of complex composite structures during its operation.

Maintenance of the complex has been a crew of two: Start the operator and the operator control. In operation T10 "Aileron-10" low-skilled staff. Components can be transferred to the executioner to carry containers or any type of transport.

The complex consists of a launcher T10P, portable NSO T23U T10E and UAVs.

UAV T10E from "Enix" is, in fact, a modification of the UAV T23E, which received increased size and improved performance. Target hardware UAV T10E presented photographic equipment, television or thermal imaging surveillance, which together with the drone runs a route to the landing site.

UAV T10E in a constructive manner is made by a "flying wing" with a pusher propeller to the electric motor, placed in the rear fuselage and wing folding consoles. Start UAV launcher provides T10P, touchdown runs from the heights of a 30 m discarding parachute.

Launcher T10P presented pneumatic catapult. For the formation of the working cylinder applies pressure compressor, which is mains powered car. During the flight, the UAV drone T10E control by means of a portable NSO T23 W.

Design features, small size, the electric propulsion system - all this has very little in-flight radar, acoustic and optical visibility.

On the broader review of the exhibition UVS-TECH 2008 2 producer we were presented with the option T10E UAV - "Aileron-10" and "Gamayun-10". Each of these solutions is used for a specific range of applications.

Complex "Aileron-10" UAVs can be equipped with the following options payload:

  • TV camera;

  • TV camera plus IR camera;

  • TV camera, plus camera;

  • camera, repeater station jamming and RTR;

  • TV camera plus repeater.

ENIKS T10E multipurpose UAV. Characteristics:

Modification   Txnumx
The diameter of the rotor, m   2.20
Length m   0.83
Fuselage diameter, m   0.38
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   12
engine's type   1 ED
Thrust, kgf   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   120
Cruising speed, km / h   60-90
Radius of action, km  
The flight duration, min   120
Practical ceiling, m   5000


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