ENIKS T23E Multipurpose UAV
ENIKS T23E Multipurpose UAV

ENIKS T23E Multipurpose UAV

T23 "Aileron" - a set of remote monitoring, the purpose of which is to monitor the terrestrial environment, the protection of objects and territories from the air. He is able to carry out surveillance of vehicles, oil and gas pipelines, bridges, roads, individual buildings, power lines, people. Also it can be used to monitor the ground situation from the air in case of emergency (man-made accidents, earthquakes, fires, floods).

The complex has an automatic control. Its operation can be carried out in normal weather conditions during the day at a temperature of up to + 20 -40 degrees, wind speeds up to 10 m / s and air humidity up to 98% from unprepared in terms of engineering sites.

T23 "Aileron" consists of an unmanned aerial vehicle, a portable ground control station and the starting device T23U T23P. Also, it also contain a set of tools, parts, materials and accessories necessary for repairs and maintenance repair complex during its operation.

UAV T23E - vehicle photo and television surveillance equipment, used to deliver it to the desired area and return to the landing route according to the program. To reduce the overall size, used in the UAV aerodynamic design "flying wing" with a folding console, which is why he was able to put the design of the container dimensions 0.9h0.5h0.12 m.

The electric UAV with pusher propeller located in the rear fuselage.

Start UAV performed using the harness, which provides the desired take-off speed.

Electric power plant, small dimensions and design features provide a drone in flight is very weak acoustic, optical and radar signature.

For landing UAV used a parachute, which is necessary to produce emissions at altitudes of 30 m above the ground.

Purpose of portable ground control station T23U is to perform pre-launch preparation and control of UAVs, programming and flight training operator without doing real departure unmanned.

Portable NSO consists of a portable control equipment with the host computer, two color LCD monitors and keyboard, pointing device, a hardware video codec unit, the battery, the receiving unit to control the video monitor, and a tripod.

The telemetry signal is received from the UAV to the control station receiving unit and transmitted to the host computer. On the first screen displays information about the current position and the programmed device, its speed, angular position, altitude and flight path, as well as the battery voltage overhead drone and telemetry information.

Using computer control station by pressing certain combinations of keys can be used to lend the flight control teams. The video signal from the board UAV channel feedback supplied in real time on the second monitor NSO. Recording is performed in video format, MPEG-2, it may be further desired to view in the operator mode: accelerated or slow motion, using the freeze-frame etc. Viewing the finished video produced on the monitor № 1 ground control station complex T23 "Aileron".

An additional output is provided in the portable NSI, from which the video signal can be transferred to another monitor, television or other device equipped with a standard video input. 

ENIKS T23E. Characteristics:

Modification   Txnumx
The diameter of the rotor, m   1.47
Length m   0.45
Fuselage diameter, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   2.8
engine's type   1 ED
Thrust, kgf   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   105
Cruising speed, km / h   65-90
Radius of action, km  
The flight duration, min   75
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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