Enstrom F-28. Photo. Characteristics.

Enstrom F-28

Enstrom F-28 - light helicopter.

Designed designer Rudy Enstrom. The first flight certificate received in the US in 1965. Triple cabin with shared seat for passengers and pilots.
Conventionel present.

Enstrom F-28. A photo.

Enstrom F-28. A photo.

Applicable in the country:

  • Colombia
  • Republic of China
  • USA
  • Peru
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

Enstrom F-28. Photo booths.

Enstrom F-28. Photo booths.

Features helicopter Enstrom F-28:

  • Length: 8,91m
  • Height: 2.74m
  • Empty weight: 712kg
  • Payload: 467kg
  • Maximum speed: 180km / h
  • Range of flight: 446km
  • Capacity: 1 pilot + passenger 2
  • Powerplant: piston engine
  • Power: 250 HP

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