Squadron "Mosquito» (1969).
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Squadron "Mosquito» (1969).

Squadron "Mosquito» (1969).


  • Country United Kingdom.
  • Directed by Boris Sagal.
  • Starring: David McCallum Susanne Neave, Charles Gray, David Buck



Intelligence agencies in Germany are developing a powerful and destructive missiles, establish serial production of which can subdue or destroy the entire world, and in order to prevent this, the British formed a special unit "Mosquito", which consists of the best pilots of Great Britain.



The main task of the Mosquito squadron is to detect and destroy dangerous German weapons, and with it the secret center in which the development of the rocket takes place. The task is extremely dangerous, because the Germans are perfectly prepared for any surprises, but it is worth noting that the Royal Air Force is ready to prove once again that they are the best in their business, and therefore willing to take risks, even at the cost of their own lives. 



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