Borey submarine
This nuclear submarine gave Russia superiority over America

Russia has found a way to keep America from acting rashly, writes user Baijiahao. The secret is the new nuclear submarines of the Borey project. They are able to lie low and deliver an unexpected blow to anywhere in the world. These "genuine sea gods" really scare the US, the author believes.


The first nuclear submarine of the Borey project was put into service in 2013. The Borey nuclear submarine was codenamed Project 955 strategic nuclear submarine. It was designed by the Russian Central Design Bureau Rubin, developed for almost 30 years and cost $8,8 billion, equivalent to the price of three Chinese Liaoning aircraft carriers.
Putin once threatened that even if he had to sell the Kremlin piecemeal, he would still complete the construction of Russia's national weapon and Moscow's trump card, the Project Borey strategic nuclear submarine.
Submarine "Borey" is a large submarine. Its total length is 170 meters, width -13,5 meters, maximum speed reaches 29 knots, maximum displacement - 24 thousand tons. Borey can descend to a depth of 450 meters - this is deeper than the Ohio-class US nuclear submarine. From the point of view of appearance, the modernized version of the Borey-A project has a beautiful drop shape, which helps to reduce navigational resistance and significantly reduce noise interference during movement. In terms of general tactical and technical indicators, the Borey meets the main operational requirements of the Russian Navy, and in some respects it is ahead of the Ohio.
In terms of power, a Project 650 submarine equipped with a pressurized water reactor OK-955 and a steam turbine plant can reach an amazing speed of 29 knots even with a huge displacement (24 tons). This far exceeds the Ohio's speed of 25 knots with a displacement of 18700 tons. The unlimited endurance of nuclear power allows Borey to reach any point of the oceans.
In addition, the Borey has a navigation autonomy of more than 90 days, that is, the nuclear submarine can hide somewhere on the seabed for more than three months! If the Russian mainland is under nuclear attack, this submarine will immediately launch a counterattack - and the range of its missiles covers all of North America and Europe.
The maximum range of missiles is from 8 to 10 thousand kilometers. To combat the US air defense system, the missile is equipped with radar reflectors and means of electromagnetic interference. In addition, the Bulava can carry ten submarine-guided nuclear warheads that attack different targets individually. The SLBM can throw out many dummy traps, and its penetrating power is extremely high. In addition, each missile is equipped with a booster system that is responsible for delivering the warheads to the target. The circular probabilistic deviation reaches 350 meters, which significantly increases the Bulava's ability to deliver a strategic nuclear strike.
"Borey" is mainly supposed to be deployed in the Arctic Ocean. Such a submarine is year-round and can be in service around the clock. The thickened shell is strong enough to break through a thick crust of ice at any time, and then open 16 missile silos. Then 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles will fly into the air.

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