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Etihad. Alina. Interview.

Good evening, although you may not have evening? Please introduce yourself to the portal and tell where you are now?


Good day, I always address this by the way, because by my profession I know that I can have morning, while others have already day. It's very simple, my name is Alina, I have been working as a flight attendant for the 4th year. At the moment I am enjoying my vacation in Singapore, tomorrow evening I will fly back to base.

If I'm not mistaken, you work in a company "Etihad"Why this choice?


That's right, in Etihad airways... It is a young (10 years old!) And very promising airline. It is developing very rapidly and, despite the difference in 20 years with, say, Emirates, it can compete with it. From the point of view of an employee, there is no better job. We are provided with accommodations, gyms with a personal trainer, swimming pools and much more. And the salary among flight attendants in the UAE and Qatar is the most worthy.

We believe that the more often you are faced with foreign visitors? Not having any difficulty in communicating?


That's right, and colleagues, and visitors - foreigners. Labor is not any, I do not always understand that the British and Scottish accent. It was difficult during the study, when everything said by some unknown terms, but over time it becomes easier to remember.

As far as we know, in most countries, which serves Etihad, Dominated by a group of Arabic. You are more likely to encounter with the English? Tell us how many languages ​​do you know and what?


On the "Arab" flight departs flight attendants who speak Arabic. I fly mainly to Europe and Australia. There are plenty of English. If it Geneva or Paris, when using French. Total 4 know the language - Russian, Latvian, English and French. Although the French controversial issue, taught it in school 7 years, but said that fluent, I can not.

What is your work schedule? It remains whether the time for private life?


Flight attendants have no work schedule. I mean, it is there for a month ... But every month is completely different. This month I have 3 flights to Australia, one to Moscow, one to Singapore and a U-turn. That is, only 6 flights per month. There are 7-9 flights. If only reversals are placed, maybe 14. Privacy enough time, if the second half is not an office worker not only works on weekdays from 10-6-minute to minute.

"I would like to see a number of colleagues who do not get confused and take the right decision in the case of emergency / abnormal situation. People who may learn to hole tutorial on safety and first aid. People are sitting on dzhampsite landing think not of new shoes, and an emergency outputs. "

Tell us if you experience the excitement of flying?


Very seldom I go to work with ease. My work begins even before I arrive at the airport.

At home an hour before leaving, preparing a briefing. This is where my worries begin: the number of guests, the new crew, what kind of service, and the duration of the flight. In general, you already begin to mentally ponder all this. You also need to repeat safety and first aid, each flight attendant is asked a security question before the flight, if you cannot answer it correctly, there will be big troubles. In general, I definitely never go to work as a vacation.

Yes, savory job. Many are the image of the profession of the films, as in life is much more complicated ... Came across to your unruly passengers?


In the movies, too, a lot of truth. Romance in this work is enough. One sky is worth something, every time is different and incredibly beautiful! 
At the expense of the guests, there were people who tried to joke and behaved rudely, but in the end, they themselves apologized for their behavior. There was never such a row and fights on board. These people can be identified ahead of time, just give them less alcohol and less grievances and everything will be fine.

Have you seen the celebrities on airplanes?


When working in Latvia saw the president of Latvia (in economy class, remember this), Lima Vajkule, Andrew Danilko Zadornov ... Since fans of creativity is not, no impression on me is not produced. There is nothing good or bad can not say. Simply visit.

What do you wish for beginners in this profession?


First, I wish them the true “desire” to be in this profession, because many people come only because of money, travel, discount tickets, and at the same time they don’t remember what they are really on board for. I would like to see a number of colleagues who will not be confused and will make the right decision in case of an emergency / abnormal situation. People who memorized before the holes textbook on safety and first aid. People who sit on the landing board are not thinking about new shoes, but about emergency exits. 

And in general, I wish you calm flights, fewer full houses, a fair wind, patience and not to forget to smile! From a smile it will become brighter for everyone and there will be less displeased guests!

Thank you very much for your time. You are a very bright and sympathetic person. Good luck to you in this difficult, but such an interesting profession!


Uniforms etihed


Uniforms of flight attendants: Etihad Airways

He writes that this profession requires love ney..tak how it relates to constant flights, but at the same time when you wrote about the pros and cons of profession in the cons mentioned that travel dislike. I do not understand the logic)

CAPTCHA funny) and there is a little more complicated? to the roots and negative numbers?) and let it fly, it's good

Alina - the big fellow! One can see that the man loves his profession. Generally, flight attendants require slow shutter speeds, not every such work would go.

I've never been afraid of flying and even at one time thought about this job - you can visit different countries, receive a good salary and many other benefits. Honestly, I thought it was an easy job - the main thing to know languages. And as for an emergency - on the road so often broken cars than planes in the sky.