EUROCONTROL - European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation


European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) - a pan-European organization for the safety of air navigation in the civil and military spheres. Convention on EUROCONTROL (EUROCONTROL Convention) was signed in 1960

The main objective of EUROCONTROL - the creation of a coherent and comprehensive pan-European (pan-European) air traffic management system (Air Traffic Management - ATM), which will provide:

  • improving air traffic safety;

  • increase in airspace capacity and increase economic efficiency of air traffic control;

  • reducing costs of air traffic and the impact of aviation on the environment.


Achieving this goal - a key element of the present and future challenges of the aviation community, which must cope with the projected growth in air traffic, while maintaining a high level of safety and reducing costs.

EUROCONTROL develops, coordinates and plans the implementation of short, medium and long-term pan-European air traffic management strategies. In addition, she coordinates the corresponding plans for collective action by national authorities (CAA), providers of air navigation, civil and military airspace users, airports, industry, professional organizations and the competent European and international organizations - ECAC, Commission of European Communities (Transport) , North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), EASA and JAA, ICAO, European Space Agency.

The range of the main activities of EUROCONTROL covers the full range of air navigation services - from strategic and tactical flow management to controller training, the local control of airspace to development of technologies and procedures, including the charges for providing air navigation.

In 1997, the Convention on the revised EUROCONTROL. This was due to the need to take account of changes of political conditions and activities in the field of air traffic control. The revision of the EUROCONTROL Convention is aimed at improving and ensuring the safety and efficiency of air traffic control systems, as well as to create better mechanisms for concerted solutions.


The revised EUROCONTROL Convention on fully come into force when ratified by all Member States. Currently, the Convention on the EUROCONTROL is in transition.

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