Sanitary evacuations by air
Evacuation of the air

The evacuation of the air. Sanitary evacuation by air.


Modern special air ambulance can take up to 4 8 from lying wounded.

It is possible to use adapted sanitary evacuation of passenger and cargo aircraft. The most powerful modern passenger and cargo aircraft capable of taking on board about 10-15 lying wounded. Evacuation by air cover only those wounded who need urgent surgery in a hospital setting or who can not tolerate the evacuation of ground vehicles, or when other means of evacuation under combat conditions is impossible.

Sanitary evacuations by air has several advantages:

  • a) The wounded are delivered at high speed into the country without the intermediate step of evacuation;

  • b) with great rapidity advanced exempt hospitals;

  • c) the rear discharged from the flow path of the wounded;

  • d) the wounded being transferred quickly to calm hospital environment.

When sanitary evacuation by air to the main mass of field hospitals can be concentrated in the distance 300-350 km from the front line.

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