European air carriers. The path cost of existence
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European air carriers. The path cost of existence

European air carriers. The path cost of existence


Today in Europe there are several major airlines that increasingly make up the bulk of running air. In particular, attention should be paid to such airlines as "Lufthansa»And« Air France ». These airlines are not only ideal for many passengers, but also for a number of other global airlines, whose names today are not so widely known. Despite the fact that the annual passenger traffic of these carriers has long been exceeded several tens of millions of passengers and revenues reach hundreds of millions of euros, the existence of such flights shedule is not so smooth, and soon they may lose not only its relevance, but probably its status as the best of the best.


Steep dive «Air France»



Air France is the basic carrier of France, which differs not only in very reasonable prices for its flights, but also provides a very effective air service between hundreds of different European cities and not only. Despite all its majesty, Air France has recently started to enter a steep peak, or as it is easier to say, the airline's management intends not only to increase its efficiency and increase its sphere of influence, but at the same time it will inevitably remain the best of the best. However, experience shows. That this air operator is not so simple, and if you look at the future prospects of this airline, you can even try to conclude that the next few years it is waiting for the most that there is not a recession. Such conclusions are not at all unfounded, and the latest news is a typical example. Those who are even slightly familiar with aviation, probably heard about the full-scale strike of the pilots "Air France"Carrier who stopped working almost 2 weeks, thereby bringing the airline's biggest loss.



Despite the fact that even this year the pilots and employees of the French airline Air France several times went to various marches of protests, demonstrations and strikes, the airline's management seemed not to listen to this, continuing to climb up. It all began with the fact that the airline's management announced the creation of its own low-cost "Transavia France", which would allow receiving more income at minimal cost, but one important flaw of the event was not learned - this would inevitably lead to a reduction in the staff of its employees, and a number World-famous experts predicted that under the reduction can get up to 25% of all pilots and about 10% of airline employees. After a series of relatively short strikes, the management of Air France did not heed the demands at all, which resulted in a massive strike by the pilots of the air operator Air France



Today, when seemingly everything has settled down, the management of the airline «Air France» unexpectedly announced that airline «Transavia France» will start its activities in the coming year, And the commissioning of the loukoster will be very powerful - at the same time it is planned to launch the 21 airliner. It is possible that with a gradual increase in the pace, this would remain without trace for the company "Air France", but the carrier has already begun its steep drop, never getting to the top - pilots and employees of "Air France" plans to hold mass strikes of two and More weeks, which will certainly affect the status of the airline, and can eventually lead to the fact that it will lose and its rating and about 10% of passengers, and this part measures hundreds of thousands of unsold tickets.


Drifting airline «Lufthansa»


The airline «Lufthansa» similarly as the airline «Air France», is also the largest airline not only in Europe but throughout the world. Despite the caution of his leadership, flights shedule risks in the near future, but experts believe that it will happen in the next 5-7 years, following in the footsteps of the French airline. Only in the passed period of the current year, the staff and the pilots airline «Lufthansa» carried out several strikes, albeit short-term, but it is still an important "call" that it is time to take matters into their own hands.



The main demands of the strikers, was to improve the working conditions and the increase in wages, however, despite all the violent attempts to guide the airline to return the situation to normal tone, they fail miserably, and airline employees have come to strike at 2 once a month.

Most can be fair to say that short-term strikes do not cause significant harm to the budget airline, but it hit hard by the prestige of airlines, especially because this year is projected to decrease in the volume of air traffic German flights shedule on 0.5%, which is again, hundreds of passengers and millions of euros .



Such drifting can result for the German airline unfortunate consequences, according to which the airline could lose its status as a leader in the field of civil air traffic. Much more guidance airlines horrified words of representatives of Russia that in the case of continuing sanctions from the European space for a number of major European airlines, including for «Lufthansa», transit passenger traffic through the territory of the Russian Federation may be closed, and this multi-billion dollar losses .


The final result for the major European airlines might get not the most iridescent, especially since the situation to return to normal state or guide «Air France», nor the leadership «Lufthansa» does not seek, at least, plans in this regard is not sounded.


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