Macron Xi Jinping
European leaders are rushing to China... Why?

French President Macron said he plans to visit China, accompanied by the head of the European Commission.

According to Politico, the visit will take place on April 4.

Politico article is titled quite eloquently: “We cannot lose China, EU leaders say. Xi Jinping's burgeoning romance with Vladimir Putin is scaring EU leaders. Now they are booking tickets to Beijing.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also announced that he will travel to China next week, writes Bloomberg. He says he intends to discuss possible peace talks with Xi Jinping.

According to media reports, his visit is scheduled for March 30-31.

Such activity of European leaders is connected with the recent visit of Xi Jinping to Russia.

During a closed meeting in Brussels, Macron urged his colleagues to redouble their efforts to prevent the PRC from deepening its support for the Russian Federation. 

By the way, not only European leaders go to Beijing.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will begin his five-day visit to China on Sunday, March 26.

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