F-104 Lockheed Starfighter. Photo. Characteristics

Lockheed F-104 (Lockheed F-104 «Starfighter»)



Fighter F-104 - one of the most common combat aircraft beginning 1950-ies. and later decades. The first flight took XF-104 28 February 1954 1958 In June, the air forces of the United States to get the plane into service. In the operation of the aircraft made design changes that improve its combat capabilities. He served as an interceptor, fighter-bomber, reconnaissance.


Airplane F-104 was produced in the following modifications:

  • F-104 A - daytime fighter;
  • N-104 A - reconnaissance aircraft, has a large ceiling;
  • F-104 B - Double training;
  • F-104 C - fighter-bomber;
  • F-104 D - Double training;
  • F-104 DJ - Japanese aircraft production ("Mitsubishi");
  • F-104 F - improved version of the F-104 D;
  • F-104 G - «Super Starfighter», a multi-purpose combat aircraft;
  • TF-104 G - Double Training fighter;
  • F-104 J - aircraft F-104Q intended for the Air Force in Japan, was built under license;
  • F-104 N - used in NASA;
  • CF-104 - Canadian production aircraft (license) F-104G;
  • CF-104G - double training aircraft in the Canadian Air Force;
  • QF-104 - combat fighter.



F-104 photo

F-104 photo

Power plant: One turbojet General Electric ZTL «I 79-GE-11A» 7170 kg thrust with afterburner and 4530 kg - without her.


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