Fighter F-16. A photo. Characteristics.

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon


General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon - lightweight multifunction American fighter 4-generation, the development of which involved the company General Dynamics.

    Cost: 14 600 000–18 800 000 USD (1998 г.)


The F-16 is versatile and relatively inexpensive. As of June 2014, it is the most massive 4th generation fighter (more than 4540 aircraft produced). Very popular in the global arms market. It is in service in 25 countries of the world. The last aircraft built for the US Air Force entered their possession in 2005. According to the plan, the production of the export F-16 will last until 2017.


The prototype fighter, dubbed YF-16 (No. 72-01567), made its first flight on 21.01.1974/2.02.1974/1975 after the risk of an emergency while jogging. A full-fledged flight under the test program was completed for the first time on 15/1977/16. The F-XNUMXA was built in XNUMX, and the two-seater F-XNUMXB in XNUMX.


Combat use of F-16


For the first time a fighter makes place for a combat mission over Lebanon 26.04.1981.


  • Israel


F-16, which were at the disposal of the Israeli Air Force in the spring of 1981 actively took part in the raids in the Palestinian camp of the rebels.


28.04.1981 Israeli fighters destroyed two military helicopters Mi-8, at the disposal of the Syrian forces in Lebanon to the country. 14.07.1981 was shot down by Syrian Air Force fighter MiG-21. In the spring of next year "Fighting Falcon" killed three Syrian aircraft MiG-21.

F-16 video


In the summer of 1982 launched "Operation Peace for Galilee," in which Israeli F-16 was one of two key fighters. It has been effectively used against Syrian aircraft, which at that time consisted of a Soviet MiG series aircraft MiG-21-23. In total, the number of victories in the air collisions 45 was on Israel's side.


11.06 Israeli F-16 was dealt a powerful blow to the Syrian Army. As a result it has become almost complete destruction of 47-brigade. In the future, this type of fighters participated in raids on Palestinian bases. During one of these raids 23.11.1989 one fighter was shot down by anti-aircraft defense, but held on to the base airfield and was later restored.


In 1985, the F-16 over Lebanon struck a Syrian unmanned reconnaissance VR-3 «Flight."


Russian media provide information about the five downed F-16, which came under fire MiG-23MF, but there is no actual evidence that they refer only to the words of Syrian pilots.


7.06.1981 group of eight fighters F-16 with cover in the form of five F-15 made a raid on the target defeat the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor. The result was the complete destruction of the reactor designs are built. On the Israeli side there were no casualties.


  • Palestine


Since May 2001 years, F-16 sometimes employed for precision strikes on the Palestinian territories after the Palestinian terrorist organizations.


  • The raid on Syria


5.10.2003 as a response to a terrorist attack in Haifa, organized by the group "Islamic Jihad", the Israeli air force with F-16 fired base camp group, located in Syria.


  • I 2-Lebanon war


Aircraft F-16 1990-in's and 2000-ies participated in many raids on the position of the group "Hezbollah", which operated in southern Lebanon. July-August 2006 years - are actively involved in the fighting of the Second Lebanon War. Only one Israeli plane was destroyed and it is not in a dogfight, but because of technical failures on the rise. A couple of years later, Israeli F-16 were shot down several reconnaissance drones "Hezbollah."


  • Operation in Tunis


1.10.1985, eight Israeli F-16 bombed a suburb of Hammam al-Shatt, which housed the base of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The result was the murder of hundreds of civilians in Tunisia, which had no direct relation to a terrorist organization.


  • Venezuela


In 1992 in Venezuela was an attempted coup d'etat. Implement the plans of the rebels on the change of power it failed largely due to the support of the military government, which included two air squadrons, armed F-16. They were shot down three aircraft of the rebels.


12.10.2013 F-16A Venezuelan Air Force attacked two light aircraft that transported drugs.


Combat missions under the auspices of NATO


  • Bosnian War


Several NATO members of the national Air Force fighter jets were allocated F-16 for patrolling the restricted area for flights over Bosnia, which entered into 1993 was once for all time of operation for the protection of Bosnian airspace 28.02.1994 air battle took place, during which NATO fighters 5 stormtroopers destroyed Serbs.


August-September 1995 city - US Air Force planes, the Netherlands and Denmark during Operation Deliberate Force attacked the positions of the Serbs. The Bosnian war was lost one fighter F-16, the pilot managed to eject and survive.


  • The military action in Yugoslavia


The air campaign launched by the United States Air Force, Denmark, the Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium against Yugoslavia in 1999 city, was held with the active participation of airplanes F-16. Their advantage was weak zasekaemosti Yugoslav radar radar. The result was the defeat of the campaign plane "Fighting Falcon" NATO forces two MiG-29. Lost (from the official report of NATO) - one fighter shot down the S 2.05.1999-125; the pilot survived the ejection. But Serbian and Russian media harped on the other losses from the Allies who exceeded the statement (up to 7 aircraft).


  • Military operations in Afghanistan


The Afghan operation in October-December 2001 years fought only F-16 the US Air Force. In April 2002 the year there was an incident on the "open fire on the Allies', which turned out to be the Canadian division of the Army. Four soldiers were killed.


With 2002, the Manas airbase (Kyrgyzstan) become a platform to accommodate Danish, Dutch and Norwegian fighter F-16.


Losses to 2013, during the Afghan operation will be at least three aircraft F-16 (USAF, Denmark and the Netherlands).


  • USA


The fighting in the Persian Gulf


Fighter F-16 became the most mass combat model in the region (all took part in the clashes 249 units) and made the largest number of sorties (13 540).


The aircraft was used as a shock unit to suppress enemy radars "wild weasel".


Losses on different sources of information made up of 11 20 machines. The first three fighters were lost during "Operation Desert Shield". But if the number of flights to correlate with losses F-16, the device was considered the most tenacious and at the same time the most effective fighter of the Multinational Force. The planes were just released 36 missiles "air-to-air» AIM-9, but none of them hit the target.


American fighters F-16 Fighting Falcon under the auspices of the United States have been active participants in the bombing of the Iraqi reactor in 1992, at the Iraq war, which was launched in the US response to the attacks 11.09.2001.


  • Other areas of application


Also, the aircraft have been used in various conflicts, the fighting in Turkey, Pakistan and Syria.


In the history of exploitation and combat use of aircraft under the control of American, Israeli pilots and pilots were shot down by NATO about 50 units enemy aircraft.

Modifications F-16

  • F-16A - Single multipurpose tactical fighter for action in the daytime;

  • F-16B - Double combat trainer version of the aircraft F-16A;

  • F-16C - Single advanced multi-role fighter;

  • F-16D - Double combat trainer version of the aircraft F-16C;

  • F-16N and TF-16N - single and double versions of the simulated enemy aircraft, built for the School of fighter pilots of the US Navy "Top Gun";

  • F-16ADF - air defense aircraft for the US Air National Guard;

  • RF-16C (F-16R) - reconnaissance aircraft designed to replace the aircraft RF-4C.

  • On the basis of F-16 1987 in Japan was built fighter-bomber FS-X (SX-3).

F-16 photo

F-16 photo

F-16 fighter characteristics:

  • Aircraft length, m 14,52

  • Wingspan, m 9,45

  • Wing area, m2 28,9

  • Root chord length, m 5

  • Empty aircraft weight, kg 6400

  • Takeoff weight maximum, kg 15

  • Mass of fuel in domestic tanks, kg 3160

  • Flight speed maximum 2M

  • Cruising speed 0,93M


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