F-4 Phantom - McDonnell F-4 «Phantom». A photo. Characteristics.
F-4 Phantom - McDonnell F-4 «Phantom». A photo. Characteristics.

F-4 Phantom - McDonnell F-4 "Phantom"


The main fighter of NATO countries since the 1960s. was the F-4 Phantom. This aircraft was in service with the air forces of many countries, including the Federal Republic of Germany, where, after the creation of its armed forces, the Phantom was the first combat aircraft. It was widely used in combat operations (Vietnam, Middle East) as an all-weather fighter and fighter-bomber. The first flight took place on May 27, 1958.

Fighter US Air Force has been adopted in 1973, the aircraft was manufactured in several versions: tactical fighter, reconnaissance, combat training. In addition to the fighter and reconnaissance functions he could strike at land and sea surface targets.

Powerplant: two turbojets J85-G-21 15,8 thrust of kN, with afterburner running - on 22 kN.


F-4 Phantom - McDonnell F-4 «Phantom».

F-4 Phantom photo


The performance characteristics of the fighter F- 4 Phantom:

  • Wingspan, m 8,13
  • Length, m 14,68
  • Height, m ​​4,06
  • Wing area, m2 17,29
  • Empty aircraft weight, kg 4390
  • Useful weight, kg 3175
  • Launch weight, kg 11 190
  • Flight speed, km / h: at an altitude of 11 m 000
  • Flight speed, km / h: at the ground 1200
  • Flight range, km 3200
  • Ceiling, m 15 800
  • Crew, people 1


Armament fighters F- 4 Phantom:

  • Small arms 2 20 mm cannon
  • Guided missiles 2 (Sidewinder, Maverick) 
  • Unguided rockets 76 caliber 70 mm
  • Bomb load kg 3200


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