F-80 jet fighter
F-80 jet fighter

F-80 Jet Fighter


Jet fighter F-80 American firm "Lockheed" was tested on January 8 1944, he was one of the best aircraft in its class 1950-ies.

By the end of the assembly line 1945 45 gone copies F-80, with 1945 1949 of the city it was built only 1700 copies. The aircraft, however, was not long-lived. Aviation is developing rapidly, there were better fighters, surpassing his fighting qualities firstborn F-80.

The plane was produced in several versions, each improved one or the other component (F-80C, XF-80, RF-80 et al.).


F-80 jet fighter

Airplane F-80 photo


Fighter F-80 participated in the Korean War. It was used as a fighter-bomber, could carry 900 kg bomb load or eight rockets caliber 127 mm.


Main features F-80

  • flight speed, km / h 960
  • Ceiling, m more than 13 500
  • Range, km more than 1600


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