F-84 Thunderjet
F-84 Thunderjet

F-84 «Thunderjet» (Republic F-84 «Thunderjiet»)



Fighter F-84 firm "Ripablik" (USA) was originally one of the main planes of the postwar period. The decision on the development and production of fighter aircraft was made in February 1946 In the process of production and operation of the aircraft, some changes were made. Upgraded aircraft were F-84 «Tanderst- Rick" and F-84 «Tanderflesh".

Airplane Series F-84F could carry a nuclear bomb. Range has been great. The American sources is the fact besposadoch

tion flight group of the modified aircraft at a distance of 8235 km.

The aircraft version of "Tanderflesh" was used as an onboard fighter aircraft uterus GRB-36. In a joint fighter flight could depart from the bomber, and after making their own flight back ( "con fi-" system).

F-84 1953 was made up of 4457 vehicles were produced during this time.

Fighter over the years has been a major in the Air Force 16 NATO countries. The aircraft involved in the Korean War as a fighter-bomber, fighter escort.


F-84 Thunderjet photo

F-84 Thunderjet photo


Key Features F-84 «Tanderstrik"

  • flight speed, km / h over 1050
  • Ceiling, m over 13 500
  • Range, km over 3200
  • Bomb load kg 1800


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