F-86 Sabre
F-86 Sabre. Photo. Characteristics.

F-86 «Sabre» (F-86 «Sabre»)



F-86 was the main fighter of the US and NATO in 1950-1960-ies. The plane was created by "North America", he produced a great series, and was, like the Soviet MiG-15, the best fighter of his time.

The first flight of F-86 1 held October 1947 was in 1948, he was put into production, and immediately began to act in combat units. This aircraft belonged to the world speed record. 15 September 1948, Major Johnson indicated airspeed equal 1079 km / h. The aircraft was not prepared a special program to record the flight, I had only standard equipment, normal refueling, ammunition, and so on. D.

F-86 produced in different versions. Its design allows for upgrades, mainly due to the installation and replacement of avionics. Upgraded F-86D was an all-weather fighter. Istrebitelyami- bombers were F-86F and F-86Oni could carry the bomb load to 900 kg. Reconnaissance aircraft, which had special equipment designated RF-86F.

The cost of the aircraft F-86 F was 219 460 dollars.


The performance characteristics of the aircraft F-86 «Sabre»

  • Wingspan, m 11,9
  • Wing area, m2 29,1
  • Takeoff weight, kg 9912
  • flight speed, km / h over 1050
  • Ceiling, m over 13 500
  • Flight range, km over 1600
  • Power plant: One turbojet Genersl Electric J-73 40,46 kN thrust


F-86 Sabre photo


It was built 9623 aircraft F-86 (its designation until June of 1948 - P-86).

The last aircraft of this type entered service in December of 1956

Multiple copies for scientific purposes served until mid-1980-ies.


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