F-89 Scorpio. A photo. Characteristics
F-89 Scorpio. A photo. Characteristics

F-89 Scorpion (Northrop F-89 "Scorpion")



During the Korean War in the early 1950-ies. a new American aircraft F-89. It was an all-weather fighter-interceptor with a powerful weapon and the latest on-board radar. With the help of electronic equipment fighter can detect air targets at night under difficult weather conditions.

Fighter F-89 104 was armed with rockets caliber 70 mm. Successful execution of combat missions contributed to the presence of two members of the crew.


F-89 photo

F-89 photo



Main features F-89

  • flight speed, km / h over 960
  • Ceiling, m over 13 500
  • Flight range, km 3200


The aircraft was manufactured in several versions.


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