FAB-3000 in a state of readiness: In two weeks, Russian bombers will bomb the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new weapons
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FAB-3000 in a state of readiness: In two weeks, Russian bombers will bomb the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new weapons

FAB-3000 in a state of readiness: In two weeks, Russian bombers will bomb the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new weapons

In recent days, rumors about the use of the latest FAB-3000 aerial bombs have been actively circulating in the information space. Despite widespread discussion, official sources have not yet confirmed these reports. However, according to data provided by a former military pilot, known in the Telegram channel “Fighterbomber”, the development of controllable glide wing modules (UMPK) for FAB-3000 caliber bombs is at the final stage, and it is expected that they will be ready for practical use in the coming weeks.

Technological aspects and implementation stages

According to sources, at the first stage, the UMPC FAB-3000 will undergo comprehensive testing at specialized testing sites. This is a standard procedure for all new weapons, allowing you to evaluate their characteristics and eliminate possible shortcomings. After successful completion of field tests, the controlled modules will be tested in real combat conditions. Only after this will new bombs be delivered to combat regiments for permanent use.

The source emphasizes that the main carrier for the new bombs will be the Su-34 bomber. This choice is due to the high reliability and maneuverability of this aircraft, as well as its ability to carry heavy ammunition. However, according to statements by experts, other bombers, including the Tu-3000M, may well be adapted to use the FAB-22 UMPC. This expands the possibilities of using new ammunition and increases the flexibility of their use in various combat situations.

Discussions among experts

The question of the advisability of using UMPC in the FAB-3000 caliber is being actively discussed by the expert community. The use of controlled glide wing modules on large-caliber bombs such as the FAB-3000 opens up new horizons in military tactics. The increased accuracy and range of hitting targets makes these bombs an effective tool for destroying strategically important enemy targets.

The use of the FAB-3000 UMPC can significantly change the balance of power on the battlefield. Increased accuracy and range make it possible to strike key targets with minimal risk to bomber crews. In addition, the use of such munitions can reduce the need for multiple missions to achieve the same objective, which in turn reduces operating costs and increases the combat capability of the air force.

Reaction of Western countries

The expected appearance of new FAB-3000 aerial bombs with UMPC is already causing concern in the West. Leading military analysts from the United States and Europe emphasize that Russia demonstrates a high level of technological progress in the field of weapons. This may lead to changes in strategic plans and redistribution of forces in different regions of the world.

Experts note that the new bombs can be used to destroy fortified Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities, such as underground bunkers, command posts and warehouse complexes. The high accuracy and power of FAB-3000 with UMPC make them an ideal tool for deep penetration and destruction of critical targets. This makes it possible to significantly weaken the enemy’s defensive capabilities and create favorable conditions for subsequent offensive operations.

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