Pham Tuan. Biography. Fighting. A photo.
Pham Tuan. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Pham Tuan. Biography. Fighting. A photo.



Pham was born in the village of 14.02.1947 Kuoktuan into a peasant family. He graduated from the school in 1964 1965 In the city he was drafted into the army. Tuan served as a technician in the aviation industry. Then he was sent to the USSR, Where he studied at the military academy courses of pilots. In 1967 he returned to Vietnam. Flown MiG-17, later moved to MiG-21. He taught himself the art of night flights.

Pham Tuan. Biography. Fighting. Photo. 1


Americans in December 1972 was started bombing of North Vietnam. 26 December Tuan flew the MiG-21, with orders to intercept a group of bombers. After switching on the radar sight, it was immediately discovered and attacked by enemy fighters. With great difficulty, he managed to break away from his pursuers and return to the airport. The next day, Tuan flew back to intercept. Approached at a close distance to the target and let 2 missiles. The missiles struck the bomber B-52.

Pham Tuan. Biography. Fighting. Photo. 2


In 1977 Mr. Tuan arrived in Moscow to enter the Air Force AcademyAnd graduated from it in 1982 city

In April 1979, he was enrolled in a group of candidates for cosmonauts from the Republic of Vietnam and started training at the Cosmonaut Training Center.

23.07.1979 was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome rocket with spacecraft "Soyuz-37". 24.07. held docking with the station "Salyut-6". Sixth international crew (with Pham Tuan in the composition) began work in space.

Pham Tuan. Biography. Fighting. Photo. 3


Tuan became the first Asian who traveled in space. In total he spent in space for about eight days.

Pham Tuan 31.07.1980 was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.


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