FFA received 10 applications to replace traditional fuel from manufacturers
FFA received 10 applications to replace traditional fuel from manufacturers

FFA received 10 applications to replace traditional fuel from manufacturers

FFA, has activated the implementation of a program to replace leaded gasoline for airplanes with piston engines with other types of fuel.

A competition has been announced among fuel manufacturers for the development of the highest quality unleaded gasoline for aircraft engines.

FFA received 10 applications for the replacement of traditional fuels from global manufacturers, including Afton Chemical Company, Avgas OOO, Shell, Swift and a consortium of BP, Total and Hjelmco.

Civil aviation organizations, oil industry companies and the FAA are working together to speed up the solution of this problem in order to provide consumers with access to jet fuel that meets all environmental safety requirements. A number of public and governmental organizations, such as the ARAA, FFA, PAFI, the American Petroleum Institute, the National Association for the Operation of Air Transport and the National Association of Commercial Aviation, are trying to develop a common course of action for all participants in the process — aviation gasoline producers, consumers and regulatory bodies with condition for improving the environmental situation in the United States.

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FFA began to study the received applications, taking into account the quality of fuel, production volumes, availability of infrastructure, environmental standards, fuel toxicity and price, ensuring the availability of the product for consumers.

The most promising fuels will be selected to participate in testing at the Hughes Technical Center in early September 2014. Fuel developers must provide 400 gallons of fuel for the first test phase. The types of fuel that passed the first stage of testing will be admitted to the second phase, which consists of full-scale tests directly on the engines of aircraft. To do this, the fuel suppliers will deliver a second batch of gallons each in an amount of 10000. Specialists will check the standard properties and characteristics of the fuel with the provision of certification data. On the basis of which applications will be considered and the final decision will be made.

The US Congress fully supports this multi-year program to create new fuel-unleaded gasoline standards for piston engines of aircraft with the final transition of the entire fleet to the new standard for 2018. Every year, 6 million dollars is allocated for all types of work on this program.

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According to the international organization about 167000 people in the United States, are the owners of aircraft that have gasoline engines. This is the only mode of transport that uses leaded gasoline as a fuel, which has tetraethyl lead (TEL) additives needed to make high octane gasoline.

The program, with the participation of all interested parties, should solve this problem with the obligatory result-improvement of the environmental situation in the country.