aerobatics: skill in the air
aerobatics: skill in the air

aerobatics: skill in the air


All we ever saw how skillfully pilots planes perform aerobatics in the air, making a loop and the dead, and drums, and almost falling steeply towards the ground, but at the moment his plane leveled, forcing him to fly again. Naturally, this requires mastery of skills, techniques perfected to the smallest detail, so that even with closed eyes to know how and what to take in one or another situation.


However, have you ever thought ever over, how different can be aerobatics carried on an airplane? Immediately it should be noted that aerobatics They differ from the figures of the so-called simple and complex maneuvers that require extreme discipline from the pilots - one wrong action and disaster will be inevitable, and not every aircraft is capable of performing such complex actions.




  1. Cobra

The principle of the aerobatics It lies in the fact that the plane abruptly lifts his nose, but at the same time continues to fly on the previously planned trajectory. In terms of performance, this figure still may seem simple enough - in the time required, the pilot simply disconnects stabilizer longitudinal stability, but on the other hand, the pilot then you need to keep the car in position, not allowing it to turn over in the air.



As regards the practical application of this aerobaticsThen first of all it can be used in a dogfight for the commission of aerodynamic braking maneuver. Aerobatics "Cobra" It can be performed not on all fighters.


  1. Bell


Execution aerobatics It is to pick up the aircraft in the sky at an angle of substantially 90 degrees, performing so called slide on the tail, after which the aircraft reaching the maximum angle of attack decreases sharply forward nose portion, thus as if simulating the movement of the bell. First figure aerobatics "Bell" 1977 was performed, and at the present day is used to thus for some time to deceive the radar - still plane hangs in the air, turning on the radar screen in a fixed point.


  1. Hook


Aerobatics "Hook" is a somewhat transformed and expanded more complex maneuver "Cobra". The essence of this aerobatics It is to apply the aerodynamic drag, as seen in aerobatics "Cobra", turn around and walk away from the enemy at a considerable distance. Himself maneuver "Hook" is very complicated in its execution, because the aircraft is required to deploy more in the air, with the count comes here for a split second. It is executed solely on the turn.


  1. Kulbit


Aerobatics is to perform a U-turn in the aircraft pitch plane at an angle in degrees 360. In fact, the aircraft performs a U-turn at a very small circle, almost on its tail section, which is very difficult. Total in the world there are only three aircraft capable of performing aerobatics "kulbit" - a Su-37, Su and MiG-30MK-29OVT. The meaning of this performance aerobatics It is that during combat, the enemy pursuing skip forward, thereby taking it to the goal guns.


  1. Turn on Cobra


Another mutated aerobatics consists in the fact that the plane was performing a maneuver "Cobra" is unfolding, and flies in the opposite direction. With regard to the complexity of the implementation of this aerobatics, It is more simple, and was ranked first in the category of sophisticated aerobatics figures, but later reclassified it.


  1. Flip on the bell


Aerobatics "Flip on the bell" combines two elements together, running together - first plane for a split second it hangs in the air, and then makes a revolution in the 180 degrees, continuing flight. This figure aerobatics is one of the most difficult.


  1. Knife (knife blade)


This figure aerobatics characterized in that the plane held strictly horizontal flight with a roll at an angle of 90 degree. When doing this, aerobatics should, first and foremost, to control airspeed, bank angle, the height of the state.


Thus, the aerobatics are not so many, but, nevertheless, they are complex, and without the long and grueling preparations, execute them is not possible, and even pilots, aces, intending to perform any of the above presented, for a long time work out their activities on the simulator, and preparing mentally and physically.

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