Philippine airlines
Philippine airlines

Philippine Airlines (Philippine Airlines). Official site.

Philippine Airlines is the national aviation company of the Philippines, the only international IOSA-certified air carrier in the country.

Fleet Philippine Airlines

The average age of the fleet of aircraft, the company is 8,1

Philippine Airlines basic data:

  • Airline country: Philippines.
  • National Aviation Company of the Philippines.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1941.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: PR.
  • ICAO airline code: PAL.


Philippine Airlines (PhilippineAirlines). Official site:

Philippine Airlines (PhilippineAirlines). Official site.


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The planned New Year's trip to Barakai turned into a nightmare: at the end of December 2014, at the Beijing airport, at the check-in counter of the Philippine airlines, they simply did not find my husband's ticket (explaining that we had not paid for it). As a result, the three of us (me and a couple of friends) flew away, and my husband's ticket was "found" soon after the plane took off. We still cannot return the money ...

A company that cares about its reputation in the eyes of customers. I advise you to definitely try, because their flights are always different liners greater comfort.

State aircraft is satisfactory, taking into account how many years had to fly the aircraft in order to come to such a state, although compared with the previous plane on which I flew more than satisfactory, and for similar cost even more and it is not necessary to wait.

Boarding the plane passed without any delays. Sure, maybe they were, but generally favorable impression of pure and clean aircraft have been passing. Both seats recline due to which, dozed half way, covered with a rug, which gave us attentive hostess.

Judging by all the reviews that I read prior to departure, we were incredibly lucky with my wife! at first I did not know even what kind of company, bought tickets, only at the airport before departure to finish reading. I leave with a very positive review, which the firm is entirely deserved.

The whole family flew from Manila to Boracay and back - in January 2015. As a result, the flight was canceled. We realized that this was due to the fact that only five people bought tickets for the flight. We were invited to fly another flight to Kalibo airport. Due to the transfer of the departure time and the change of the airport, our trip lasted a whole day. That is, not having time to leave, we already had a spoiled mood. If possible, try to never fly this airline again. As for the return flight, he was detained for 2 hours. When choosing airlines for flights, it is advised to give preference to Cebu (for flights within the Philippines).


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