Financial problems of Russian air carriers.
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Financial problems of Russian air carriers.

Financial problems of Russian air carriers.


Despite the fact that experts say that the sanctions introduced in respect of Russia is practically not affected by the civil aviation sector of the country, the news increasingly show the opposite, and, experts believe that in essence, the real numbers, and the extent of this is simply not voiced.

It is necessary to clarify that, in reality, is not specifically sanctions have led to major problems as financial difficulties have been observed before, but enough of their efforts, thereby minimizing the possibility of domestic air carriers for further development.



As is well known, the first news about financial difficulties emerged from the carrier "UTair"That despite the debt of almost 160 billion rubles, still trying to get out of the predicament. In the future, the problems also appeared in other air carriers, including including both the major (airline "Transaero"), and at the secondary working mainly on local and regional in routing.



It would seem that today the situation around it has calmed down, which is why it was assumed that air carriers have restructured their operations and thus avoided sanctions, however, just last week, came far from unpleasant news, showing that at its core, the material problems of the Russian airlines just started to emerge.



At the end of last week, the portal got information that the domestic air carrier Ural Airlines is asking the government for government guarantees in the amount of 870 million rubles. The amount is by no means small, and therefore, the first assumptions of experts indicate that, in essence, Ural Airlines has serious financial problems, which need money and time to solve, while the experts did not rule out that the operator could become next in the chain of dropouts of air carriers and their field of activity. Of course, all these data are unofficial, however, as such, they can still take place.



Among other things, literally the day before there were reports that a lawsuit was filed against the air carrier "Yakutia" about the recognition of this company as an actual bankrupt. Earlier there were data that the air carrier "Yakutia" has some debts to creditors, however, given the latest news, it is worth assuming that the actual debt is more than experts imagine it. Naturally, the state is very much concerned about the disappearance of the largest Russian air operators, and therefore, most likely these airlines will be provided assistance.

Experts suggest that before the end of the financial problems, the largest air carrier must combine their efforts, otherwise, otherwise the civil aviation sector may simply be left without flights, which naturally will lead to global problems, which can not be allowed.


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