Erdogan with weapons
Finland in NATO thanks to Erdogan - Yle.

According to Yle, Finland has completed the process of ratifying its NATO membership. This happened after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved the decision taken by the parliament related to Finland's entry into NATO. Thus, the last obstacle to Finland's entry into the Alliance was removed.

Finland's decision to join NATO has generated widespread debate and controversy among its citizens and political leaders, especially given its historical relationship with Russia. However, on the other hand, many politicians and experts argue that Finland's accession to NATO will help ensure its security in the context of threats from Russia.

The process of Finland's accession to NATO began several years ago, and after many discussions and negotiations, the country was ready to accept the obligations that are associated with membership in the Alliance. This includes participation in collective defense as well as joint exercises and operations with other NATO members.

The decision to join Finland to NATO provoked a reaction from Russia, which expressed its concern about this move. However, Finland emphasizes that its accession to NATO is not directed against Russia, but only serves as a means to strengthen its defense capability and security.

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