Finnish Yu 52 ( «Kalev»).
Finnish Yu 52 ( «Kalev»).

Finnish Yu 52 ("Kalev").


In 30-years in the Finnish airline «Aero O / Y» sharply increasing the number of air passengers, which is why the airline decided to expand its fleet and ordered a new three-engine vessel Ju 52 / 3m. The results obtained in 1936, the aircraft were then named «Kaleva».

Already in 1937, the vessel set sail on a voyage that could well be his last. Going to Stockholm, the plane made a brief landing in Turku (Stockholm). Started out at the final destination, the ship has not had time to gain altitude as he fell off the engine (central). The commander of the ship was not taken aback and forced all passengers to move to the front of the aircraft. The hard landing and the effort was successful.

Finnish Yu 52 ( «Kalev»).


Soon in Scandinavia opened more new airlines. With year 1940 52 Yu began working on the Tallinn-Helsinki route, engaged in the carriage of passengers "Estonian Airlines".

14 June the ship flew to Helsinki from Stockholm. It was made an intermediate landing at the airport in Malmo, which is located near Helsinki. Km 104 34 was overcome for a minute, the main track was located over the Gulf of Finland.

The return flight was on schedule at 13.47. The plane was designed for 15 passengers. Also, embassy employees flew in it, namely Rudolf Kellen and Friedrich Offermann (German businessmen). The plane was not completely filled; in total, including the crew, there were 9 people on board. But their luggage exceeded the norms of that time (15 kg). One passenger had an overload of 154 kg, the other - 38 kg.

Finnish Yu 52 ( «Kalev»).


The morning was overcast. It was raining lightly. Yu 52 flew to its destination. The pilot tried to fly around areas with high clouds, because of this, he very often changed flight paths. And now the plane is approaching Tallinn. Having almost landed, the commander noticed a ship that took off from Lagsberg, heading towards Helsinki.

"Junkers" flying on Yu 52 not thinking about what might happen collision. The pilot made him a sign, but no reaction in response to not receiving.

And then "Kaleva" decided to warn them fire a shot that flew past the "Junkers", but it also had no effect on their direction. Through the windows could see the cockpit, the people on board were threatened with pistols, but, fortunately, the intruder was shot down.

1940 year. aircraft "Estonian Airlines" Yu 52 made its last flight from Helsinki to Tallinn. The vessel was fired from the submarine fires.

The authorities do not want to heat up and so complex situation, which at that time took place in the country and blamed everything on the ship technical issues related to the explosion in the fuselage.

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