Form of air defense troops

Form of air defense troops


1 August 2015 of the year by combining the military space defense and the air force was formed a new branch of the military, known as aerospace forces. In the same way as in other types of troops, a sample of clothes for military videoconferencing was adopted. They are easy to calculate among representatives of other troops, since their uniforms have a characteristic blue color.

Uniforms 43243 air defense troops

The modern form of troops VKS


Immediately it should be said that the uniform of the VKS military personnel, just like the other branches of the military, consists of 3 main types.


  1. Parade. It is used to participate in such military events as the presentation of the flag, a parade, receiving military awards and other significant events.


  1. Field. It is intended for service, rendering assistance to the population at emergency situations and participation in operations. It is the main for military VKS.


  1. Office. It is applied at another time that does not apply to the first two. This form is issued at the recruiting station. The servicemen are there before arriving at the military unit.


Each individual type of form has two sets, which is designed for different seasons - summer and winter. Now consider in detail how it is included in each individual set of handicaps.

Uniforms 4343 air defense troops

Summer set


The parade version of the uniform of the military Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation for the rank and file of the summer sample is a suit It can be a protective color or blue. Under the tunic, the soldier wears a shirt of the same color, complete with a gold tie. Officers are supposed to wear trousers and single-breasted coat of the same colors in combination with a black tie and a white shirt. The cap of the serviceman VKS is matched to suit the color of the suit. Also required element is the gold belt.


The field version of the company for cadets and privates VKS is no different from uniforms for the ground forces. The following items should be included in the package:


  • summer boots;
  • underwear with short sleeves;
  • cap;
  • jacket with pants;
  • Summer version of the skin color t-shirt.


Those soldiers who served in Syria, was created special set, designed for particularly hot climate. The form of the Air Force includes pants, jacket, hats and a light-colored T-shirt.

The usual uniform of the Russian Aerospace Forces differs in color from the uniforms of other types of troops. For military personnel of the Aerospace Forces, it is blue. Otherwise, in details and style, it is similar to the uniforms of other types of troops. Shoulder straps and stripes are issued based on the type of troops and the corresponding rank of ranks.


Winter uniform


The usual version of uniforms for soldiers VKS, insulated jacket and berets of the same color as the main suit, protective or blue. The winter set includes a hat and a muffler.

Uniforms 43434 air defense troops

Field clothing option is identical for military personnel of all types of troops. The winter set includes a warm sweater, warm wear, winter berets, balaclava, warm thermal underwear and a hat. In addition, the kit is equipped with a warmed vest and jacket.


Uniform for officers VKS includes a tunic and trousers. As a rule, this is a set of protective or blue color. The officer in the form of outerwear put on a coat. It can be either blue or gray, complemented by a warm muffler. With him it is necessary to wear a gray fur hat.

Uniforms 4343 air defense troops

For officers of the highest rank means astrakhan hat-cap, as well as a collar of the same fur. The parade uniform of the VKS will be complemented with a white muffler with white gloves. In addition, the form includes a golden belt.


Demobel uniform of VKS servicemen: photo


Every six months, the VKS servicemen have a question about the demobilization uniform (the order for dismissal falls on March 27 and September 27). From the moment of signing the order, the young fighters, who have served their time, begin to demobilize (retire to the reserve). Of course, every young guy wants to come to his family in a beautiful military uniform. In connection with this, the demobe form was provided.


Now we will consider the options of the demobel form for different types and types of troops.


Demobel form airborne


Winged infantry! That is what the airborne troops are called. This is the elite of the armed forces of the Russian Federation!


Demobel form of the Navy


Military conscripts to this day go on ships on long hikes, despite the fact that their life is 1 year. They have a very beautiful Dembelian form, as you can see by looking at the photo.


Demobel form Air Force VKS


Let conscripts not fly themselves on airplanes, but serve in units of the VKS at various military posts of junior specialists.


Dembel uniform infantry motorized troops


This is the most numerous branch of the army in our army. Most of them are conscripts. Therefore, she enjoys such a high popularity among this category of soldiers.

Uniforms 432234 air defense troops


Dembel form of the Strategic Missile Forces


These troops are protecting the nuclear component of the Russian Federation. Therefore, they are so honorable.

Uniforms 4343 air defense troops


Demobel air defense form


This branch of the guard protects our sky around the clock. Their motto: "We do not fly ourselves and do not give to others!"


Demobilis office form


Dembel form appeared relatively recently, only in 2013 year. But, nevertheless, she gained high popularity.

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