In 90-ies of the last century, the joint efforts of the French company SAS and "Dassault" who specialize in electronic defense, created a new electronic warfare system, which was used in the UAV type FOX TX. All drones FOX series, which was created by SAS, differed high degree of efficiency in the performance of combat missions.

As for the FOX TX apparatus, its main task was to detect and determine the coordinates of enemy radars, as well as interfere with their work. It is possible to destroy radar systems due to the automatic guidance of the UAV. The vehicle and its equipment are capable of intercepting enemy communications. Speaking about the characteristics of the device, it should be noted that they are quite high by modern standards. The total take-off weight of the FOX TX is only 25 kilograms. The car can climb to a height of 3,5 kilometers and fly at speeds from 50 to 110 km / h.

Packaging machine FOX TX

  • Four ELA system.

  • Set to start.

  • Ground point management and coordination of the flight.

  • reception system and the decryption of intercepted information.

Maintenance of the complex is carried out by three people.

The design of the apparatus represented in the most part made of aluminum composite materials. The fuselage is made in the normal scheme of aerodynamics, which are located high wings. The power plant is represented by unmanned petrol engine capacity in horsepower 22. The motor drives a push-type screw. Control item is set based on the chassis of a lorry to which a trailer is attached, which were installed four systems start-up, such as ELA. Landing UAV was carried out using a parachute system.

ELA Composition Equipment

  • Flight supports the automated system.

  • Flight possible when passing 98 points.

  • The equipment allows both receiving and transmitting information.

  • Inertial navigation equipment type.

  • The adjustment is carried out according to KRNS.

  • EW system can have a different configuration.

Solving the problem of detecting and determining the position of the radar device is used EW. Exploration takes place in the range of 2-20 GTZ, and the error is less than 1%. To search for the purposes of the total mass of the necessary equipment is 20 kilograms and requires just to 300 watts of power. All data from the cameras and equipment are transmitted to the command center in real time.

For radio reconnaissance drone was equipped with machine equipment, which consists of a receiver, a panoramic view and analyze signals of different frequencies. It also establishes a system for intercepting radio signals and the source of its emission.

It should be noted that the political and military leadership of France is reflecting on the adoption of new UAV-based vehicles for use by the ground forces. To do this, plan to use the most recent development of materials and equipment. This will solve a lot of problems that face the modern army of the country. 

FOX TX. Characteristics:

Modification   FOX TX
Wingspan, m   3.60
Aircraft Length m   2.75
Weight, kg   120
engine's type   1 PD Limbach L 275E
Power, hp   X 1 22
Maximum speed km / h   110
Minimum speed, km / h   50
Radius of action, km   150
Flight duration, h   5
Practical ceiling, m   3500
The minimum flight altitude, m   100
Payload:   up to 25 kilogram


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