FQM-151 Pointer
FQM-151 Pointer

FQM-151 Pointer

FQM-151 Pointer is a complex, which is designed for infrared and video surveillance of the terrain and the objectives are present on it in real time. FQM-151 Pointer has a radically different from most other UAVs, most important of which is the low weight and the unusual motor is created on the basis of the motor Astro 15.

The first prototype appeared in 1986 year, and two years later development company Aero VironmentInc handed it into trial operation US Marine Corps. UAV is strongly interested in the military structure. In particular, FQM-151 Pointer took a direct part in the operation "Desert Storm".

The complex UAV FQM-151 Pointer includes:

  1. Ground control module.

  2. Battery.

  3. RPV transport case.

  4. Charger.

  5. The target and standard payload (day camera).

Besides the camera, the far drone can be installed small-sized infrared camera 8..14 micron range (thermal microbolometer). The whole complex of transport can be equipped with three portable container.

The first prototypes of RPV was like a model airplane. Due to the long period of upgrades to 2002 years FQM-151 Pointer became fully operational long-range reconnaissance complex. The main advantage is the possibility of automatic flight with simultaneous transmission or infrared TV images to the ground control unit. After 2002 years Aero VironmentInc company engaged in the further development of the complex in the directions:

  1. Operating as a reconnaissance UAV with a camera (mounted infrared, color and black and white film).

  2. Taking air samples in a given area by means of filters installed on board.

  3. The use of unmanned directly from a moving car.

UAV could reach speeds of up to 100 km / h, which allowed him to inspect the target or area within 5 hours. Small size and service ceiling were the good service US troops in Iraq.

FQM-151 Pointer. Characteristics:

Modification   FQM-151A
Wingspan, m   2.74
Length m   1.83
Height, m   0.91
Weight, kg  
  empty   2.17
  takeoff   4.12
engine's type   1 ED Astro 15
Power, W   X 1 300
Maximum speed km / h   100
Cruising speed, km / h   73
Radius of action, km   5
The duration of the flight, ch.min   1.00
Practical ceiling, m   300


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