France sends troops to Ukraine! Macron will announce a decision next week
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France sends troops to Ukraine! Macron will announce a decision next week

France sends troops to Ukraine! Macron will announce a decision next week

France may send military trainers to Ukraine, despite concerns from some allies and criticism from Russia. French President Emmanuel Macron could announce the decision next week during a visit by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Reuters sources report this.

Preparing for the mission and its purpose

France will initially send a small number of staff to assess the conditions of the mission, two diplomats said. This pre-deployment will allow the French military to become familiar with the situation on the ground, determine the most effective methods for training and preparing Ukrainian soldiers, and establish the necessary logistics and operational conditions.

After a preliminary assessment, France plans to send several hundred instructors to Ukraine. These specialists will train Ukrainian military personnel, imparting to them the knowledge and skills necessary for successful combat operations. The main areas of training include tactical planning, engineering, medical assistance and control of military equipment.

International response

France's decision to send military instructors to Ukraine is causing mixed reactions on the international stage. Some allies support the initiative, seeing it as an opportunity to strengthen Ukraine's defenses and help it counter the Russian military.

On the other hand, some countries have expressed concerns about a possible escalation of the conflict. They believe that sending military instructors to Ukraine could lead to aggravation of relations with Russia and increased tension in the region. In particular, concerns are expressed by states seeking a diplomatic resolution to the conflict and avoiding direct military intervention.

Criticism from Russia

Russia, in turn, categorically condemns France’s decision to send military instructors to Ukraine. Russian authorities consider this interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine and a violation of international law. They argue that such actions only exacerbate the conflict and prevent a peaceful resolution of the situation.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that Western military assistance to Ukraine undermines stability in the region and poses a threat to Russia's security. Russian officials emphasize that sending military trainers and arms supplies to Ukraine contradicts the spirit of diplomatic negotiations and increases military-political tensions.

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