Galyshevsky IP Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Galyshevsky IP Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Galyshevsky IP Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.





Member of the Korean conflict 1951 - 1953 years. It was zamkomom 351-th Regiment. By early summer, the 1951 bombers US has limited daytime raids, and in October stopped them completely. Since then, in-29 began to fly only at night.

Galyshevsky IP Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.


Seeing the change in the strategy of the Americans, the Soviet command began preparing specialized regiment for combat operations at night. 351-th regiment began to be created based on 153-th Air Division and armed with only La-11 - piston fighters. It started to collect the pilots with experience of night fighting in difficult weather conditions.


Military flights.


In June, the 1951 g. Regiment was fully staffed and made a full flight from Sanshilipu to Anshan. His commander was Colonel Efimov. The main task of this regiment was to cover the most important objects. 

Soon the regiment as part of 3-X squadrons began to take off in the night watches. In September, the night sky will appear in-29 and it was difficult to compete with them flying to La-11. "Fortress" rises to a height of 10 km and dramatically after the bombing went to the Gulf, and our pilots to fly into prohibited. In-29 700 accelerate to km / h, La-11 catch up with them could not ...

In December 1951 was on duty began to overstep the most experienced pilots. After a series of experiments established that the fight with the Americans can only MiG-15.

Galyshevsky IP Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.


Since the autumn of 1952, the enemy began to actively use the night interceptor that intercepts our planes before they approach targets or immediately after assignments. The first night battle between the warring parties took place in November 2. The next day, pilots 351-th Regiment Galyshevsky Hubenko and tried to knock down one of the American interceptors. Ahead was a fighter Hubenko, as a "bait", and behind and slightly above the machine was Galyshevskogo.




At first, everything went according to plan only "took the bait," one American, but the interception was disrupted because of fear Galyshevskogo shoot down the plane of his friend and he had an opponent at the last moment to stop his attack and went into the bay. Our pilots also forbidden to fly into the bay, I had to stop the persecution.

Galyshevsky IP Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.


In January, Major Galyshevsky literally completely destroyed one B-29. According to intelligence data, it was established that the "fortress" soon fell into the sea, before reaching its base. This was the last victory of the pilots of the 351-th regiment. 18 February The 1953 g. Regiment in full force went home. 

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