Gargrot - it is streamlined fuselage of the missile or aircraft which covers all piping, wiring and control systems of the major pro-fuselage. Fairing provides optimum access to the above items. Depending on the placement of the lower and upper case.


Form fairing may also vary and depends on the technical characteristics and the type of aircraft.



  • At Yak-1 gargrot installed solely for maximum aerodynamics shape of the hull. The lower fairing is part of the fuselage, and the top - a continuation of the cockpit canopy.

  • By plane Su-30 gargrot located in the central part of the fuselage above the front tank. To improve the protection of communications at him mounted guards.


Other airplanes gargrot:

  • MiG-31;

  • North American A-5 «Vigilante";

  • Douglas A-4 «Skyhawk";

  • Dassault MD-454 «Mister» IV.


Rockets with fairing:

  • Anti-ship missile "Mosquito". 

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