Where and how is it profitable to buy a plane ticket
Where and how is it profitable to buy a plane ticket

Where and how is it profitable to buy a plane ticket



You need a plane ticket. Where and how to buy it, what can you save? In what ticket office to apply? Let's try to answer the most popular questions.

Many modern people try to shop online. However, with air tickets, the matter is not so simple. When you enter a request for "air tickets" to Google, then the options will be so much that it's easy to get confused. And what is even worse, not all options are as cheap as many expect from an Internet checkout. However, Internet services are constantly evolving, gradually began to appear special search engines, which are looking for flights and do it for all possible online and offline ticket offices. An example of such a search engine can serve all known http://LastBilet.ru/.

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This article focuses on real ticket offices. How do they differ from online cash registers and search engines, and does it make sense to go to the cashier of a particular airline?

All ticket offices conclude contracts with airlines for the sale of tickets, as well as Internet search engines. They differ only in the availability of contracts with a particular company. After the introduction of e-tickets in almost any box office, you can find a full range of proposals for all areas of interest. At ticket offices of specific airlines, the price of tickets, as a rule, does not differ from the price in "universal" ticket offices. The exception is the promotion, when cheaper tickets are sold through the cashier's own network or only through the official website of the airline.

In addition to the cost of the air ticket, many so-called offline ticket offices can take the so-called service charge from you - from 10 to 30 percent of the ticket price. This is due to the fact that offline companies, unlike Internet search engines, need to pay rent and salaries to more employees than Internet services. After all, on Internet services and search engines, most of the actions are automated, and human labor is almost unnecessary, hence the minimum ticket prices, which are sometimes even more profitable. Internet services sometimes make discounts covered by their commission. For example, the ticket searcher Last Bilet is looking for all possible tickets among 100 agencies and 728 airlines. In this case, for the convenience of finding profitable tickets, the sorting of the issue is from the lowest price to the highest.

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Let's say you chose an offline ticket office. What's next? Then you need to go and book and / or purchase a ticket. You call the cashier the date and the point of departure and destination, so that you can pick up all the possible options. Here, differences begin and risks arise. After making a booking and getting a ticket, be sure to check the cities of departure and destination, the date and time of departure. Frequent cases of banal mistakes made in writing a surname or a name, which lead to the impossibility of landing on an airplane, are common. To avoid such risks, it is better to spend 5-10 minutes and make a purchase yourself through the online cash desk, carefully filling in all the fields. In this case, save a few hours on the trip to the air ticket office.

Pay attention also, that the prices for tickets differ under tariffs. In one only economy class on separate flights there are 4-5 fares for tickets. Of course, cheap places are redeemed faster, so it's better to plan a trip for a longer period (of course, if possible). The advantage of expensive tariffs is not only in more comfortable places on the plane, but also that you will have more time for a refund in case the plans suddenly change and you will have to hand over or exchange a ticket. By the way, for delivery and exchange will also have to personally come to the cashier and produce the necessary documents. In Internet services, you can make a return online by contacting the hotline of a reservation system.

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Let's return to the price, because tickets for an airplane are not that cheap. How can you save money? The first thing that comes to mind is the loukost company. There are airlines that carry passengers at lower prices than the average market. Reduced price for loukosterov achieved by eliminating the additional services during the voyage (for example, no power is provided). The main disadvantage of loukosterov consists in the possible cancellation of flights (although rarely), the use of remote airports and uncomfortable schedules, which involves additional costs. In addition, some European loukosterov allow you to carry free of charge only hand luggage, and for luggage have to pay extra. However, in general, flying loukosterov "cheap and angry." But you can not buy a ticket in the usual ticket office, it is often unprofitable to sell such tickets to the ticket offices, and you can buy them only on the Internet on the official website of the airline or using search engines at once on all the cash desks, such as LastBilet.ru.

In conclusion, it should be said that choosing an offline or online ticket office is a personal decision of each of us. But if you are a modern person and appreciate your time, use the search and booking of a ticket on the Internet on the website http://LastBilet.ru/.

We hope, our tips will help you to save on air tickets.