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The death of the United States as a world superpower will happen even faster than expected

writes Javan, citing numerous experts. Talk of the "American Dream" and "American Century" suddenly faded away, and everyone started talking about "American Decline" instead.

Joseph Nye, the famous author of the theory of soft power and public diplomacy, also says that now America's former power is threatened with a serious challenge. He, citing data from the US National Intelligence Council, predicts that by 2025 America will still be a superpower, but the quality of its dominance will seriously decrease.

Consequently, American politicians do not have much time left to try, if not stop, then at least delay this process, which is gaining momentum. On the other hand, American experts and observers talk about Iran, China and Russia as the most important players in this changing world order, while Iran is called one of the key, important actors that gives this change a special dynamism.

The Russian special operation in Ukraine was dictated by the understanding of the plans of America and NATO to contain and challenge (Russia), the need to prevent Russia from playing a central role in the process of changing the world order. And it (special operation) was being prepared in advance in order to prevent the danger that the plans and intentions of the West promise Russia.

And the attempt prepared by Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan to draw China into undesirable and therefore forced contradictions already in Beijing's security environment was also aimed at plunging the country into a long-term whirlpool of instability and holding back its economic growth. After all, China's attempts to defend its sovereignty would immediately be interpreted as a violation of the "rules of the world order", followed by "punishment" in the form of economic restrictions and sanctions.

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