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The state wants to help manufacturers of light aircraft

The state wants to help manufacturers of light aircraft


RF Government a draft decree prepared "On approval of rules for granting subsidies to Russian manufacturers of aviation equipment in order to ensure the financial project cost of production of regional aircraft seating capacity of up to 19 places. "

This draft resolution was developed within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the state program "Development of the aviation industry for 2013-2025", in the subprogram "Small aviation". The state program was approved by the Government in mid-April 2014. Earlier, in the spring of last year, another draft government decree was adopted to compensate for the costs of preparing and implementing certification of aircraft with a capacity of up to 19 passengers, weighing up to 8600 kg.

And only now, concluding the discussion rules subsidizing the cost of certification sun small aircraft.

14 January ended the discussion of the project submitted by the Ministry of Industry subsidy  the costs and the production of small aircraft with a capacity of up to 19 passengers and a maximum takeoff weight of 6600 kg.

Thus, the Government plans to undertake up to 100% of the costs of production and certification of small aircraft for local and regional airlines. Subsidies are planned to be provided twice a year, based on documents on expenses incurred, for the design, production and certification of aircraft by domestic manufacturers.

Draft regulations have been developed for a long time, but only now have ended the discussion. Apparently, due to the ongoing sanctions and import substitution program, the Russian government has been given a good "kick", then the projects finally began to consider and adopt.

It is strange that the certification grants provide aircraft with maximum takeoff weight kg 8600 and 19 people, But on the production subsidies provided to aircraft up to 6600 kgAnd with the same 19 passengers. It seems that the two subsidy programs prepared two different committee, or two separate commissions. The choice is driven by the same numbers and the maximum takeoff 8600 6600 kg? Regional aircraft are planes 4-class with a takeoff weight of up to 10000 kg. So why the difference in 2 ton aircraft of one class and one passenger?

Due to the popularity of the import substitution program, domestic manufacturers have a real chance to finally realize their aircraft projects for small aircraft. If state support is not on paper, but quite real. 

By the year 2015, in the country there are about 20 enterprises

who have the sun for light aviation projects in various stages of readiness.

State support can be for them a good starting push. And perhaps in a year and a half we finally let us fly in Cessna, and on their own domestic "Rysachkah" and "Viscount". Several cars of this class have been successfully fly, and can be put into mass production.

LLC "Aerostroitelnaya Corporation" ACA Aerodesign "specializes in the design and manufacture of light aircraft. Has developed and successfully fly a plane T-101 «Rook». On this aircraft has already touched in 20 sborkomplektov. "Rook" is the prototype of a more perfect aircraft Viscount V100. The company is ready to go on the rate of release - 60-100 aircraft per year. Single Motor strut-braced high, has a takeoff weight of Viscount 5250 kg, with payload 2000 kg. Passenger-9 people.

This is just one particular example of a light multi-purpose aircraft developed in Russia. Some of the projects that are at the heart of the engine of a foreign proceeding that is called "hung". Until fate remotorization better light aircraft AN-2. SE "Antonov" to sever all ties with the Russian side. Although SibNIIA carry out work on the replacement of the engine and avionics, were legal issues that must be addressed with the Ukrainian side.

Continues quite successful production aircraft L-410, formally Czech (production facilities are located in the Czech Republic), although the company already owned by the Russian manufacturer of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, UMMC.

Regional airlines can only wait for the subsidy program earns national light aircraft, and when they can be purchased in the right quantities. In the meantime, purchased foreign aircraft manufacturer, which becomes more and more into the Russian sky.

Soft landings for all of us.

Especially for the portal avia.pro Valery Smirnov

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