Civil aviation could lose the largest air carriers
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Civil aviation could lose the largest air carriers

Civil aviation could lose the largest air carriers


According to experts, the year 2015 far can not be called successful, but on the contrary to the Russian civil aviation - passenger traffic on a number of falls in routing, carriers debts are growing, there is a rise in prices on airline tickets, and, most worryingly, the country is deprived of its airlines.



At the end of last year, there were reports that the UTair air carrier began experiencing serious difficulties with passenger traffic, and the reduction in the number of passengers carried on international airlines fell sharply, which naturally caused the airline a lot of financial problems, for the solution of which, according to experts, It takes at least 3-4 years of intensive work. Despite the fact that experts predicted bankruptcy for UTair Airlines, this domestic carrier is still operating, and at the same time, it partially minimizes its debts.



Later, there is evidence that the serious financial difficulties emerged and the other domestic airlines - the largest airline Russian "Transaero", and attempts to airlines to restore normal activity, unfortunately none have failed - in the near future flights shedule will go under the control of "Aeroflot" and will cease to exist.

Later, it began to appear information about the difficult financial situation and other Russian airlines, including here include "Ak Bars Aero", "Yakutia", and it is likely other carriers, which are among the largest in Russia.



Most of the Russian airlines managed to optimize their activities, however, just the day before there were reports that the "Center-South" air operator would also temporarily cease operations, not because of material problems, but because of a violation of flight safety. According to experts, the decision taken by Rosaviatsia is correct, since the provision of services by the air carrier should still be as safe as possible for passengers, but given the fact that the company's management could take timely measures to eliminate the shortcomings revealed during its activities, but for unknown reasons did not undertake Them, indicates that if in the near future the carrier does not establish compliance with regulations, then most likely it can simply cease to exist.

The essence of today's problem lies mainly in the fact that with the withdrawal of the largest airlines from civil aviation, the monopoly may become a monopoly on the market of services, which is naturally not for the benefit of passengers, and besides, in case of the disappearance of the largest airlines, That in civil aviation of the country serious problems can begin to get rid of which it will be possible only after a lot of time. In fact, according to the opinions of all the same experts, the problems in this industry are only gaining momentum, and deplorable results may appear in the course of the next 2-x years, unless something radically changes.


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