Russian Civil Aviation keeps hitting
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Russian Civil Aviation keeps hitting

Russian Civil Aviation keeps hitting


Started the year, in addition to old problems, brought the Russian aircraft and several new ones. This removal of the office from the Interstate Aviation Committee, which will be distributed between the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Ministry of Industry and

Ministry of Transport. Further sales of our SSJ-100 in Europe and America are under threat. The fact is that the certificates that were issued by the Italian aviation authorities, in agreement with the IAC, are now completely "stuck". Now EASA -

The European Agency for the Safety of Air Transportation is to develop new joint agreements with the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Ministry of Industry and Trade on certification of aircraft and their parts. This is undoubtedly important for promoting Sukhoi not only in Italy, but throughout the EU and the Americas market. It is not known how long the new official negotiations between the successors of the IAC and the Italian side will take. The further fate of the SSJ-100 on the international market is still in the air. 

Another blow for so far, practically the only exported domestic passenger aircraft, was the abolition of duties on the import of aircraft with a passenger capacity of 51-109 seats. And this is just a category of aircraft of the SSJ-100 class. Thus, the road to the Sukhoi competitors - Embraer E-Jet and Bombardier CRJ700 - is open to the internal market of the EAEU with the possibility of using it on external flights. 

On the one hand, it contributes to the development of the market in this class of aircraft, and, on the other hand, can the SCAC withstand such fierce competition and temporary isolation from the international market?

KLA "Russia" has taken under his wing, and Oren Air Donavia, restructured and will have one operator certificate. The entire fleet is certified by JSC "Russian", the fate of the small "daughters" of "Aeroflot is not disclosed.

Whether they will keep their liveries and established routes is also unknown. Part of the aircraft of the late Transaero, too, will depart Petersburg "Russia". Employees OrenAria and Donavia will be employed, probably, in the Moscow branch of "Russia", the main fleet and employees will remain in St. Petersburg "Pulkovo". We will see how events and affairs will develop in UAC “Russia” over time. 

After Transaero left the market, AK S7 intends to take its place, which traditionally occupied the 3rd-4th place in terms of traffic volume. Time will show how she does it. Indeed, according to the disappointing forecasts of the Federal Air Transport Agency, based on data on a steady decrease in traffic in 2015, by the end of 2016 another 5-6 carrier airlines may leave the market.

Disappointing forecasts today (26.01.16) announced Yury Malyshev, Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency traffic control management. According to him, the situation may save the development of foreign tourism in Russia, the development of its domestic air transportation market and the recovery of former transport volumes on the Egyptian direction.

Transportation on international routes decreased by 18,6% over the year, transportation between Russia and the CIS countries decreased by 0,6%. And only domestic shipments showed a steady increase of 13,6%. 

If the situation does not change drastically by the summer schedule, and domestic airlines cannot accumulate a reserve for the winter of the 2016 year, several AKs can part with their operator certificates. 

One more fact cannot but be alarming. According to the results of monitoring by the Federal Air Transport Agency of the financial condition of domestic carriers, it stated that the share of airlines with low solvency has increased, this is almost half of all airlines with operator certificates (54%). The results for the first 9 months of 2015, and may change, emphasizes Victoria Sharomova, head of the department of economics and development programs of the Federal Air Transport Agency.
2016 year, could be decisive for the domestic air travel market. Either he finds the opportunity to develop and work in today's harsh conditions, or get a good blow from which not all will be able to recover the AK. So, our sky may return to the sole ownership of "Aeroflot", but that we have already passed. Or do we have to fly foreign airlines.
Soft landings for all of us, no matter in whose livery will board.

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