air cargo
The cargo air transportation. Russian cargo airlines

The cargo air transportation. Russian cargo airlines


As of today, air cargo is delivered most quickly and efficiently, especially since air cargo transportation accounts for about 10% of all cargo transported across the territory of the Russian Federation. However, there are currently so many Russian airlines that hold the proud title of a cargo air carrier, but they exist nonetheless.


Russian companies transporting cargo air



  1. 224-th flight detachment is providing aviation enterprise and providing services consisting in the fact that air cargo can be transported through the territory of the Russian Federation in any of the required fields. Sama Airlines is a subsidiary of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, but also provides services and civilians.

As air assets, 224-th flight detachment of uses:

  • An aircraft 8-124;
  • 15 Il-76MD.


  1. Airline «AirBridgeCargo», is one of the largest air carrier, which will help you to deliver the goods in the air almost anywhere in the world. It is worth noting that the airline carries out air both in already developed areas of routing and Special.

For air freight transport, the company «AirBridgeCargo» 12 used planes available at its disposal:

  • 3 aircraft Boeing 747-400F;
  • 4 aircraft Boeing 747-400ERF;
  • 5 aircraft Boeing 747-8F;


  1. Airline "Abakan-Avia" is another fairly large Russian flag carrier, which is based in the city of Abakan. Cargo air thanks to the company "Abakan-Avia" can be delivered to almost any corner of the globe, and for this purpose, at the air carrier has a fleet consisting of 16 aircraft, which should soon expand.



Fleet "Abakan-Avia" airlines include:


In addition the airline fleet also includes the passenger aircraft used for charter flights.


  1. Airline "Aviacon Zitotrans", which will help to deliver the goods by air, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and to foreign countries.



            The airline’s aircraft fleet consists of IL-6MD aircraft having an average age of about 76 years.


  1. Airline "Aviastar" is one of the few air carriers of the Russian Federation. Air cargo destination carrier delivers exclusively on the Russian aircraft Tu-204But the airline fleet of aircraft is not large and consists of only 3 aircraft, one of which is leased from DHL Express Company.


  1. Russian airline "AeroGeo" as well as a number of other air carriers submitted specializes in the transportation of cargo by air. It should be noted that the air carrier is not as large as the rest of the Russian cargo airline, but, nevertheless, provides air cargo through the territory of Russia and abroad.


  1. The airline "Volga-Dnepr" is one of the largest freight carriers in the territory of the Russian Federation. The cargo transported by air company "Volga-Dnepr" may be oversized and super-heavy, and the carrier can use its wide fleet of aircraft, which includes for this purpose:



  • An aircraft 10-124-100;
  • 5 Il-76TD;
  • 4 aircraft Boeing 747-400ERF;
  • 3 aircraft Boeing 747-400F;
  • 5 aircraft Boeing 747-8F;
  • 3 aircraft An-12B;
  • 2 aircraft Boeing 737-46Q.

In addition, in the territory of the Russian Federation there are other airlines that will transport cargo air in almost any corner of the globe, including those carriers that provide passenger transportation services.

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