Future issues. Civil aviation is preparing to collapse.
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Future issues. Civil aviation is preparing to collapse.

Future issues. Civil aviation is preparing to collapse.


Less than two months left before the entry into force of the law on storing user information, and, experts believe that this kind of final countdown, which can be quite a negative impact on customer service tens of hundreds of Russian and foreign airlines.



All the brevity of the emerging situation is that the world-known companies engaged in providing services for booking and selling air tickets on the Internet can in one day, and this will happen 1 September 2015, cease to be available to Russian users, which will naturally cause a collapse in the provision of Services of air transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation. The information portal Avia.pro in turn notes that if it was originally intended to create a domestic server that provides all the necessary services for airline passengers, in particular ticket booking and sale, then several months have already passed, and the work in this plan was never Are brought to the end, therefore it is necessary to assume that the citizens of Russia in this plan can start big problems.



The impending situation itself may become very problematic for both domestic and foreign air carriers - a decrease in the number of sold air tickets will lead to an immediate decrease in the profit of air carriers, possibly instantaneous, not exceeding a few days, but it is quite likely to total, if the situation becomes extremely aggravated. Considering that the current state of affairs in Russian civil aviation is far from being the best, the consequences of inaction can be very dire.



Experts do not rule out a situation that before the entry into force of a presidential decree, there will be private Internet projects, however, it is likely it could lead to higher prices for all services rendered, which is also unacceptable.

However, in turn, need to make a small digression, which consists in a certain "benefits" - domestic air carriers can increase the number of people served, since the services of foreign airlines most future passengers are simply not available, but, in turn, should clarify that this situation is very risky, and therefore hope for good luck certainly not worth it.


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