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Khabarovsk Airlines. Official site.


The Russian airline "Khabarovsk Airlines" carries out regional passenger flights, as well as the transportation of various goods on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory. Despite the fact that, as of mid-2014, the air fleet of Khabarovsk Airlines consists of only 10 aircraft, the actions of the air carrier are very effective, and during the year the volume of passenger traffic is about 40-45 thousand people, which is quite a lot for region.


Khabarovsk Airlines, through its flights, connect the cities of Okhotsk and Khabarovsk with the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. The company carries out 80% of transportation of the region. Due to its demand, the company makes a significant contribution to the budget of the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. This circumstance served as an obstacle for the merger with the Vostok company. 

Transportation in the region

Regular flights from Khabarovsk company are carried out in such cities: Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Ayan, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Nelkan, Sovetskaya Gavan, Chumikan, Okhotsk, Herpuchi, Bogorodskoe.

The collapse of 2005 years

Happy December 6 2005, the Mi-8, owned airline "Khabarovsk Airlines" crashed. Urgent medical job in difficult weather conditions turned out to fall on the ice of the Amur River. The helicopter moved by inertia on 100 meters and sank. The entire crew was killed. The reasons for the disaster:

• Erroneousness of the weather forecast.

• The departure clearance was issued without comparison with the minimum permissible weather conditions.

• Poor crew communication. Ignoring conditions of limited visibility and exceeding the permissible list of the vessel.

Flights performed from Khabarovsk, carried out on aircraft and helicopters, in particular, these include:



In addition, this year the airline plans to acquire up to an additional 4 aircraft of a type of Chinese Ma-60, some of which will replace the outdated aerial vehicles, and some of them also increase the total volume of the aircraft carrier.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in local airlines in the Khabarovsk Territory.

  • Internal airline code: NO;


Khabarovsk Airlines. Official site.: http://khabavia.ru/

Airlines Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: Airport, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Territory, Russia, 682460;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74213530614;

  • Airline fax: +74213530614;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • The base airports of the airline are the airports of Khabarovsk New, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

  • Domestic flights: Okhotsk, Nikolaevsk-na Amure, Khabarovsk.

  • The airline's fleet includes Antonov aircraft An-26Antonov An-24Yakovlev Yak-40.


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Today in Nikolaevsk the plane was poured from the top with cold water from a fire engine. The fact became known that this is done in order to cool the turbine. Since it itself does not cool. Horror is simple. It's scary to fly

Good day.

Group prof. fishermen from Beijing, in the amount of 8-12 person intends to go to Sovgavan 29 August. Six people have already applied for a visa and paid vouchers. But the exact number of people and pay for the flight be done within two weeks prior to departure.

1. If at the time you purchased the tickets would be, is there a possibility to arrange a charter on August 29? If so, what will be the cost?

Back from Sovgavan fly 2 September and likewise also need to purchase tickets.

2. Everyone will be under rods in canisters 2 meters in length, if possible passage of such dimension on this route.

3. If we can do a charter, whether for previously possible (for 2 weeks) to agree on the change of the time of departure ie Monday to fly in the morning and back 9 5 in the evening?

For earlier grateful for the answer to the questions.

My mail - [email protected]

I would like to talk about flights on MVL lines. Ie in Ayan, Chumikan, Herpuchi, P. Osipenko, Nelkan. Apparently, in order to launder the money invested in the Nikolaev airport, they came up with some clumsy routes from Khabarovsk through Nikolaevsk to these villages. (Previously, these flights were operated through P. Osipenko.) As a result: To Ayan the flight time increased by 10-15 minutes, to Nelkan by 40 minutes, to Herpuchi by 40 minutes, to Chumikn by 1 hour and 20 minutes, and that's just one way. Well, P. Osipenko stopped flights altogether. What is the economy here, what kind of care for the inhabitants of the villages of the region are we talking about? By the way, the inhabitants of P. Osipeko, the village and district administrations wrote letters to the regional government about the resumption of flights, and only replies in response. Krai writes that the flight Khabarovsk-Nikolaevsk-Herpuchi-P. Osipenko has not been canceled, and it is not being carried out because of the poor condition of the P. Osipenko strip, meteorological conditions and lack of traffic. But in fact, the strip is suitable for receiving aircraft. It's just that a / c Vostok deliberately allows the closure of the runway in Polina. Almost the entire airport staff has been reduced (transportation service, aviation technicians, watchmen, stokers, drivers). The terminal building has been recognized as emergency and is not heated. It turns out that, even if the flights flew through Polina, then what to do with passengers and crews during the stay of the aircraft. The remaining staff, led by the chief (6 people), set up an "office" for themselves in the boiler room. Due to the fact that the building of the terminal was frozen, the weather service had to be reduced. By the way ... In November, the governor of the region was going to P. Osipenko, so the strip was cleaned, licked, and as it became known that he had moved his trip, the strip was closed again. And whether it will be opened now is unknown. It's no secret, because the shortest routes to the villages of the region were through P. Osipenko. Due to the possibility of landing and refueling at this airport, the crew of the aircraft could increase the commercial load by 150-200 kg, which is 2-3 people, which is not enough for an aircraft carrying 19 people. If, when flying to Chumakan, Ayan, Herpuchi, take Polina as an alternate airfield, it becomes possible to increase the maximum load of the aircraft by 100-150 kg, which is also not small. And so, flying straight, instead of passengers and cargo, they carry kerosene. It turns out a huge "FUEL AND MONEY SAVING" !? and colossal care for the inhabitants of the Region. PS Maybe in our 21st century it's time to switch to deer !! ??

15 and 19 September 2015g. I had the displeasure
this airline fly from Khabarovsk to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur and back. Conditions
flight as there and back, simply unbearable. From Khabarovsk flight is delayed only for an hour. Download to aircraft AN-24 №466 (33 do not remember exactly). After starting the engines of the cabin began to fill with smoke from the exhaust. Smoke billowed
of all cracks. The passengers staged a revolt on the ship - did not want to fly this plane. I almost came to blows with the crew commander with difficulty pilfered particularly aggressive passenger and flight attendant and convinced everyone that this sometimes happens at the start, and after take-off the smoke clears. At the request of at least ventilate the aircraft before take-off was no response, steward locked
in his compartment, and then barely got out - the door is jammed. Half an hour of flying in a daze, some with masks on their faces, there was nothing to breathe. Since the beginning of the last rows of the cabin was virtually invisible. The fact that people from the bad burn, the crew did not care. The cabin is no smoke. It is a pity not videotaped. Witnesses can find them was a complete interior.
The return flight - the weather is great, people are sitting in the airport for two days, no aircraft. After a while from Khabarovsk sent a spare aircraft L-410 but he took on board only 18 people who have remained with before last the day. Our flight was delayed
"only" for 14 hours. I was “safely” late for the plane to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Communication at the airport did not work. The dispatchers could not contact the representatives of the airline to clarify the situation even by cell phones (they either hung up or were unavailable). Two planes witnessed the incident. The ticket price is comparable to the price from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. At these prices, planes should be licked and not look like broken-down cattle trucks. I propose to rename this airline to "POKHABOVSKIE AIRLINES" which is more in line with its essence.

Zdravstvuyte.est there any any number of which can be specified flight departures?

Organizational work load of passengers on the flight are, to put it mildly, terrible. For almost half an hour chasing around the airport with luggage, and then redirected to a nearby building, where we they finally surrendered, and only then finally started to check in. To come up with any nonsense, and then solve it with a look that seemed to say: "You see what we are busy people ..."!

Most reviews on this feykovom saytik - complete bullshit to create visibility. robot apparently random writes them for a change sometimes inserting the name of the airline or the flight city.
knowing the specifics of this airline, you know, what a nonsense!

We were pleased with the complete absence of unpleasant odors into the cabin. Recalling his last trip, I thought this, once everything is almost the same, but no! Even offered a choice of drinks, even though I know that most airlines begin to do so only if passengers will be on board a 3 hours so pleased that I will not hide!

Service quite strange, moreover, that the aircraft during the entire flight tedious buzzing, so more and when you finally manage to doze off, it turns out that the stewardess decided to come to you to wake up and find out, do you desire at this moment juice drink! In addition, they scurry through the cabin with terrifying frequency because of what all the time heard the clatter of heels. The head of it all by the end of the flight just does not stand up and starts to hurt badly.

I do not know who writes good reviews of this company, but I just can not find anything good about what would be with a clear conscience could say, "Yes, it's good they have ...". As for me better than I overpaid, the benefit is not so often have to fly, so at least the person will feel!

He flew with the girl on vacation, not to worry about having return tickets bought on the correct date in advance. Overall it was not bad, if you do not pay attention to the person passing by the flight attendants. There is a feeling that they were buried alive by the entire company before departure. Wake up, you face the same company! As the passengers have to feel, seeing your sullen, angry and focused expression? Just a conclusion that with the plane that - something is wrong and we will not reach! Even despite the fact that the flight went well, the precipitate is still left and we still have to fly back!

I went on vacation with the whole family. Flight generally went quite normally, without delay. At the same time the pilots were at the level so that during takeoff and landing went virtually unnoticed. In addition, given the relatively low cost of the ticket us, fed a delicious meal, then my mom said that we will only fly with this airline. True it is worth noting the return flight we made no Khabarovsk Airlines, they simply are not found on the date we needed, but if there is a choice, give preference to them.

What kind of boats write. On a family vacation you fly? In Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, or Sovgavan? Do not tell ... And especially about the low ticket prices do not drive. 6500 rubles per hour of flight - To get what it is low price.

Immediately after take-off began to pay attention to the strange jerks that moved the plane in the sky. It lasted about half an hour, after which the pilot announced on the speakerphone that due to the fact that we do not remove the chassis, we will have to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport. It is impossible to convey in words how everyone got scared, but thank God the plane landed relatively normally. Then we were all seated at the airport and refused to explain the situation for more than four hours. As a result, we could fly out only at two o'clock in the morning, all tired, hungry and angry. At the same time, from the representative of the company, we did not achieve not only compensation for damage, but also the most banal apologies.

You have to fly with it, because the monopolist! HORRIBLE COMPANY! When the flight is delayed, do not give ANYTHING, especially if the delay in Nikolaevsk, the attitude towards passengers below the baseboard! As if doing you a favor by having sold you a flight ticket! Disgusting itself is the organization of flights and ensuring the comfort of passengers. They sin constantly incomprehensible, consecutive delays for 1-2 hours without informing about the reasons for the delay. Have to hang around at the airport with children in the dark. To ordinary workers, pilots have no complaints, but the constantly changing leadership, low salaries of service personnel and, as a result, it's an ordinary supernumerary airline, do not expect service from it.

You just nonsense Anastasia and Olga anything like it !!!

Recently I decided to use Khabarovsk Airlines. The staff are great, friendly and the service is top notch. The flight attendants are smiling, friendly and sociable. The flight was quiet and calm. I liked everything, I am happy with everything. They offered tea, coffee, lunches, blankets and newspapers. Everything was just super. Thanks to the entire crew of Khabarovsk Airlines.

What blankets, coffee, lunch and the press? You fell from the sky or black ice effect?

For several times in a row, we have flown with Khabarovsk Airlines. I like the service of the staff and the good attitude. Everything is done for five plus. Takeoff and landing are always excellent. Registration is fast. Food is always delicious, good selection of drinks. I like everything very much. Thank you for this attitude and service.

What food, what drink? You dreamed in a dream?
Or flights mistake?


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