Hawker Hurricane. A photo. Characteristics.
Hawker Hurricane. A photo. Characteristics.

Hawker Hurricane. A photo. Characteristics.


United Kingdom

A type: single-engine fighter

Crew: one pilot

With the arrival of front-line aircraft in December 1937, the plane "Hurricane» (Hurricane - Hurricane) RAF finally "displaced" from biplanes to monoplanes fighter. The new aircraft owes much to the last biplane car company "Hawker" - aircraft 'Fury »(Fury). These aircraft with fuselage truss is simple and vitality. Hurricane also won a lot of long-term cooperation "Hawker" and "Rolls Royce" of companies whose newly created Merlin I engine has demonstrated its ability to become a great power plant.

Official tests showed that the aircraft exceeded all estimated flight performance, and 600 aircraft were ordered. Carrying eight machine guns 7,69 mm and having a speed above 480 km / h, the Hurricane I at the time of admission to the Royal Air Force was the world's most advanced fighter. And although by the summer of 1940 it was overshadowed by the technical parameters of the Spitfire, the Hurricane plane, however, surpassed the last in size in the battle for Britain in the proportion of three to one and actually shot down more German aircraft than the Spitfire fighter of the company " Vickers-Supermarine. " Even before its "star hour" fighter Hurricane "created" the first aces of the Royal Air Force in the war in France during the blitzkrieg.

In 1941, this plane was used in the Mediterranean and North Africa, before being cast in the fighting against the Japanese in the Far East. In this theater of operations the aircraft remained at the front until the day of the victory over Japan, despite the fact that its production was discontinued in September 1944 years 14 670, after delivery of the aircraft, "Hurricane." Six "Hurricane" aircraft are today in a state of airworthiness (four in the UK and two in North America).

Basic data


  • Length: 9,82 m
  • Wingspan: 12,19 m
  • Height: 3,99 m


Power: 1030 l. from. (768 kW) and 1280 l. from. (954 kW), respectively,

The weight:

  • BLANK: 2495 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 3311 kg


Date of first flight:

  • November 6 1935 years


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 550 km / h
  • Range: 965 km


Power point: "Merlin" II (on modification of Mk I) or "Merlin» XX (on the Mk II version) of "Rolls-Royce"

The surviving airworthy modifications:

  • "Sea Hurricane» Mk IB, «Hurricane» Mk IIC and "Hurricane» Mk XII