Heinkel He-162
Heinkel He-162 - jet fighter-interceptor

Heinkel He-162 - jet fighter-interceptor


The decision to create a jet fighter-interceptor gas turbine engine was taken 23 September 1944 city and 6 December, he made the first flight. In a subsequent flight, the plane crashed, the test pilot Peter died. That did not stop work on further improvement and production of fighter no-162, although military aircraft Heinkel did not play any role.




All were released 275 copies of various versions not-162. Aircraft engines installed on non-211A, 1ito-004D, BMW-003E1 and others.

On this plane in a dogfight it was hit by only one American plane.


The performance characteristics of a fighter "Heinkel" Non-162A-2 «Folksyager" ("People's Fighter")

  • Wingspan 7,2 m
  • Length 9,05 m
  • Wing area 11,15 m2
  • Specific load on the wing. 224 kg / m2
  • Takeoff weight 2490 kg
  • Speed, maximum 840 km / h
  • Service ceiling 12 m
  • Rate of climb 1290 m / min
  • Flight range 1000 km
  • Armament 2x20 mm MG 151.
  • Powerplant: turbojet engine BMW 109-003E, Rod - 800 kg.


After the war, the aircraft-162 Do not fall into the hands of experts the USA, UK, France and the Soviet Union and have been thoroughly investigated. Obtained valuable material used to create the other samples jets.


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